Where do you picture yourself living during your retirement years? The numerous senior lifestyle options available provide the opportunity to choose the best setting for you. If you enjoy a social and active lifestyle, you might prefer a 55+ village, or an active senior community. If you are starting to need assistance with some of the chores of daily life, an Assisted Living Facility (ALF) might be the right choice. Perhaps you have lived in the same home for many years and plan to stay put. Whatever living arrangement you choose, resources are available throughout Central Florida to help. OurSeniors.net has assembled a list of resources to help sort through the many options available.

OurSeniors.net offers assistance in identifying the best choices in senior living to suit each individual situation. Many different types of communities for seniors are located throughout Central Florida. OurSeniors.net serves as a resource to help seniors. Use the link to find resources for any of the following:


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ALFs are licensed and inspected by the State of Florida, according to the level of care offered at each facility. The regulations are designed to promote dignity and respectful treatment of residents. The facilities are also responsible for maintaining the safety and well-being of the residents. In a quality ALF, the welcoming atmosphere should be evident when observing the facility, workers, and residents. Another important characteristic that should be evident in an ALF is 24-hour monitored security. When contemplating a move to a facility, look for social and recreational activities, and access to local transportation. Nursing care, administration of medicine, and assistance with personal care are other services that can be provided at an ALF. OurSeniors.net can help guide you to the best available senior living resources.

When seniors remain in their long-time home rather than relocating, home care services are often required. A practical option for this situation is to identify quality in-home care services. The great advantage of home care is that the services are individualized for each person. Ourseniors.net will locate, vet and choose the best senior living resources among providers of in home senior care services. Not all senior home care providers are professionals; many are loving family members who are providing in home senior care to a parent, spouse or loved one.

OurSeniors.net provides the resources to search for senior living services of all kinds. Some of the services include a Florida attorney search, a Florida CPA search, a senior real estate specialist, and financial advice for seniors. Senior living options may range from home care services to active senior communities to ALFs or memory care.

The lists of resources available on OurSeniors.net were created to help you find the best senior living resources in Central Florida, including:

  • The Ourseniors.net website.
  • Our senior lifestyle magazine, Ourseniors.net Magazine
  • Our handbook of trusted, senior-friendly businesses in the Ourseniors.net Seniors Directory
  • Our unique and talented senior life specialists, the Senior Transition Pro Team

Man In Assisted Living BenchAfter deciding on your senior lifestyle, the transition can be a safe, secure and happy undertaking. OurSeniors.net and OurSeniors.net Magazine has assembled a comprehensive list of resources for seniors in Central Florida. Access to the right resources helps make the transition into your new senior lifestyle safe, secure and satisfying.

There is a variety of alternatives available for seniors choosing a new lifestyle. The resources compiled by OurSeniors.net support this transition by providing information. OurSeniors.net provides you with the knowledge and information to choose the best senior home care, ALF, memory care, or active senior community. Use our website or call us for help in locating any of these senior needs:

  • For senior life transition issues, our Senior Transition Pro Team
  • For trusted, senior-friendly businesses and professionals, the Ourseniors.net Directory
  • For help locating the best senior living resources in Central Florida, our website at Ourseniors.net.

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Ourseniors.net wishes you many happy years of Senior Living, especially Senior Living Florida style!