woman reading magazineThe choices for Seniors who are considering their options for senior living environments have increased in the last decade. While remaining home instead of relocating to an alternative environment is still popular, this option is becoming less the norm. As the old concepts of nursing homes and ‘old folks’ assisted living residences are being revised, more and more Seniors considering relocating to an alternative residence find their fear of losing independence is unfounded. Today’s senior assisted living facilities are welcoming places where Senior people meet with others for daily activities as well as live an independent life.

Those old concepts of nursing homes, concepts that still prompt scenes of confinement and lack of independence, have given way to meet the needs of today’s active Senior. More and more Seniors are choosing an independent living environment outside of the home. The alternatives now include active senior communities such as senior apartments, condominiums, and continuing care retirement communities, as well as assistive facilities offering memory care living and skilled nursing services.

No matter which type of senior living environment is being considered it’s important to remember that the best environments share these two basic philosophies. First, Seniors are always treated with dignity and respect. Second, each resident maintains an active, engaged and independent lifestyle for as long as possible.

Another consideration to keep in mind is that all quality senior care residences, assisted living facilities, and continuing care retirement communities should include the following in their basic provisions: 24 hour security and monitoring, assistance with dressing when needed, bathing and toileting when needed, and help with nursing care and administration of medicine. Senior residents should also have access to opportunities for recreation and social interaction, and to local transport.

For Seniors who opt to stay at home instead of relocating, there may be a need for additional support from health care professionals. When you or your loved one feel a need for this type of support, OURSENIORS.NET can help locate, vet and choose home instead senior care services that will meet a Senior’s specific home care needs. In many cases these services are supplemented by a family member who has taken on the duties as caregiver and who is providing loving home care. When this is the case, we can also help locate respite care or senior day care options to allow family caregivers to take much needed breaks.

While some Seniors may prefer to receive “home instead” senior care, others will prefer senior apartments or retirement community options that focus on independent living. Some Seniors may need more protective environments with senior care services close at hand, or they may need daily medical attention. OURSENIORS.NET can help make the appropriate choice. Choosing the type of senior living environment and evaluating the services provided is a complicated process and, no matter which choice is being considered, OURSENIORS.NET can help sort through available options.

OURSENIORS.NET exists to make the process of transitioning to a senior lifestyle as easy, safe and rewarding as possible. You can rely on our expertise to help, no matter what option you are considering. We offer guidance in all types of senior living situations including:

  • Seniors who choose to stay right at home and receive in home care. For these Seniors, we can help find home health care agencies that provide home instead senior care, senior helpers, and home care assistance.
  • Assisted living facilities that offer specialized services such as memory care living and skilled nursing care.
  • Retirement communities that offer independent senior living with options to customize care needs as they arise.
  • Senior apartments, condominiums, 55 communities, and retirement homes.
  • And, when the choice to remain at home no longer seems appropriate, we can answer such questions as:
    o Where are the nursing homes near me?
    o Are other types of senior living near me?

Since transitioning to a senior lifestyle is such a complex process, OURSENIORS.NET offers guidance in other ways as well. These include providing connections to vetted professionals who specialize in providing services to Seniors. Whether you need legal or financial advice, or are looking for a senior real estate specialist we can help. When you have unanswered questions we encourage you to call on us for guidance.

OURSENIORS.NET is a comprehensive online resource directory with listings for senior living options and professional medical and non-medical service providers. Our focus is to help Seniors make a safe and rewarding transition to a senior lifestyle. In addition to our Directory, we also provide the free OURSENIORS.NET Magazine to keep Seniors and their families informed on issues important to senior living. Please click here to read the latest issue or to download a copy of this senior living magazine.

Planning a transition to a senior lifestyle is complicated, but you don’t have to do it alone! Please rely on OURSENIORS.NET for unbiased and trustworthy advice on these important decisions. For further information and a free consultation, please use our toll free number and call on us today: 866-333-2657!

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