With over eight million people residing in Central Florida, it may not be surprising to learn that well over two million of them are senior citizens. With these numbers, it really is no wonder that Central Florida is home to such a wide selection of living facilities designed specifically for a mature population. Among the senior lifestyle choices are several Assisted Living Facilities (ALFs). The number of ALFs in Florida is well into the thousands, and many of them are located within the seven-county area of Central Florida. OurSeniors.net is committed to providing senior living resources about the many lifestyle choices available throughout Central Florida. OurSeniors.net has built a list of resources to help inform seniors and provide guidance through the decision process. OurSeniors.net also provides information in their senior lifestyle magazine.     


ALFs are regulated and licensed at the state level, and Florida defines three types. A standard ALF offers supervision for the residents. Assistance is provided with the activities of daily living. A standard ALF encourages residents to remain as independent in their senior lifestyle as they are able. The facility typically offers a private room, or small apartment, so that each resident has their own individual space and privacy.


Another ALF designation is Limited Nursing Services (LNS). The additional services are provided as-needed, but intended to be minimal, or short-term. Changing a dressing on a wound would be an example of limited nursing services. The goal with this type of care is to support the seniors in maintaining or regaining their independence whenever possible.


Extended Congregate Care (ECC) is the third category of ALF recognized in Florida. This requires a specialty license under the ALF, so not all ALFs qualify to provide ECC services. Just as the name implies, facilities with the ECC license provide additional and extended care for the residents. At the ECC level, residents may require total help with bathing, dressing, toileting, and grooming. Assessments of vital functions would be provided, along with monitoring of nutrition, and administration of medication. An ECC facility also provides supervision of residents who have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s or other similar diseases.

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No matter the level of licensure, quality ALFs promote dignity and respectful treatment of residents, while providing a comfortable setting.  One of the important traits of an ALF is the home-like atmosphere, providing a pleasant senior lifestyle. Safety of the residents is another priority, so a good quality ALF will have 24-hour monitored security. Additional safety measures are also in place, such as alert systems, so that residents are able to summon help quickly in the case of a fall or other emergency.


In many facilities, a warm and friendly atmosphere is obvious immediately. The appearance and upkeep of the facility, and the friendliness of the staff are good indicators of the quality of the facility and the quality of life for the residents. ALFs feature a broad range of social and recreational activities. Some residents seek out activities that are familiar to them, while others enjoy trying something new and different. Socializing with other residents is a key factor in a successful transition into an ALF, so new residents may need some encouragement to become involved. ALFs also offer an array of services to fulfill individual needs.  Nursing care, administration of medicine, and assistance with personal care are some of the typical services available at an ALF. OurSeniors.net helps guide seniors to the best senior living resources.


OurSeniors.net maintains lists of resources for senior services of all kinds. Some of the senior living resources included in the directory are a Florida attorney search, a Florida CPA search, a senior real estate specialist, and financial advice for seniors. Senior lifestyle options range from home care services to active senior communities to ALFs, or even memory care.

The resources compiled on OurSeniors.net provides easy access to the best senior living resources in Central Florida, including:

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