The year 2019 has been great for the housing market, real-estate prices are rising and the economy is still growing. Their business has been booming, but with growth comes competition. To stay competitive, the housing market is changing and has set its sights on seniors, focusing on the 50 million baby boomers retired or reaching retirement. In an attempt to capture their new audience, they have innovated a variety of new senior lifestyle options that were unheard-of just a few years ago. Traditionally, once an individual reached the point in their lives when they could no longer properly take care of themselves independently, their options were to either move in with a family member or check into a nursing home. Seniors were forced to surrender most if not all of their independence. Thankfully, that outdated norm is yesterday’s news and today seniors have the power of maintaining as much independence as possible.

Rising senior styles of living:

  • Assisted living facilities
  • Independent living facilities
  • Active senior communities

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Individuals who choose to live in an assisted living facility have the luxury of independence perfectly mixed with long-term care. Assisted living facilities are devoted to fostering independence while tailoring to the needs of each unique resident. Most people mistake these facilities for modern nursing homes. Patients who live in nursing homes, completely depend on the medical and custodial care provided by the facilities team, much like in a hospital. Assisted living facilities aid seniors as needed and are primarily focused on cultivating senior autonomy. Residents of most assisted living facilities can choose to live in a private unit or with a roommate. Their meals are prepared fresh and served daily in a dining hall in hopes of sparking socialization.

Some services and amenities available at assisted living facilities:

  • Medication management
  • Physical therapy
  • On-site medical staff
  • Educational activities.

These facilities are wonderfully helpful and fun too! A team of directors creates events throughout the year to nurture social interaction and reasons to celebrate throughout the community. The scheduled programs can have live concerts, potlucks, and tournaments. Some facilities invite guest speakers to open up a dialogue on topics concerning seniors like Medicare, and healthy aging. Seniors have the opportunity of participating in the activities that best speak to their interests and if they choose to not participate that is perfectly ok too. Assisted living facilities offer the best of both worlds, independence and long-term care for seniors, without the suppression of a nursing home.

For individuals who would enjoy having the same benefits offered at an assisted facility but with even more freedom, then independent living facilities are the next best choice! Independent living facilities are curated for seniors who are self-sufficient yet enjoy having instantly available support if ever needed. These communities offer hospitality services and pride themselves on their very active senior lifestyle. There is access to a community dining hall that serves freshly prepared meals daily. Residents can choose to live in an apartment with their own private kitchen as well as own cars to come and go as they please. Social events are one of the highlights of independent living facilities since they offer seniors the opportunity to create new relationships within the senior community.

Events offered at independent living facilities:

  • Clubs
  • Dances
  • Exercise groups
  • Planned outings
  • Outdoor activities
  • Church services
  • Bake-sales

The various programs, clubs, and events provide mental stimulation and help strengthen relationships within the senior community.

Another great option for seniors is an active senior community. These communities do not provide medical assistance or hospitality services but instead promote an engaged lifestyle.

Active senior communities help seniors remain active and engaged. The culture of these communities is to enjoy your golden years and to continue growing! To join you must be over the age of 55 but are not required to retire. The communities offer low maintenance single-family homes.

Active senior communities usually include amenities like:

  • Golf courses
  • Crafting clubs
  • Fitness centers
  • Cultural activities
  • Intellectual clubs
  • Swimming pools

Most active senior communities have a shopping plaza within the community but those that do not are conveniently located near a shopping plaza that is within a walking distance. Social halls can be rented out for parties or business meetings and are conveniently located in the center of the communities. To many, the value of this type of lifestyle is like no other, it is a breath of fresh air to many of our seniors. Seniors are no longer required to maintain empty family homes, instead, they can enjoy their golden years to the fullest. For individuals who are searching for a fun yet relaxing lifestyle active senior communities are an ideal choice.

Researching available options is the first step when making or helping a loved one make a lifestyle choice. Knowing the different options available brings the comfort of knowledge to an individual transitioning as well as their family. The needs of every individual are unique and will shape their lives as they age. From our team here at, we hope you find this article informative and that it serves as a tool for you and your loved ones. We wish you and your loved ones a great life filled with joy. Enjoy your golden years here in the beautiful state of Florida and live the best senior lifestyle you can.

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