Seniors playing cards at a medicare assisted living facility.As we age and family members start hosting gatherings at their own houses, our multiple-bedroom house becomes less of a necessity and more of a hassle to maintain. The case for downsizing is even stronger when we lose our partner or people visit less. We get lonely. The National Poll on Healthy Aging found that one in three seniors experience loneliness. With less people visiting and more isolation as we age, there’s no reason to stay in a state of loneliness. Senior living facilities are a way to change that. Many of them promote socializing through gatherings, events and meeting areas like dining halls. Socializing like this helps with loneliness by bringing people together and having shared connections to one another. There are a few different facility types that strongly promote socializing which are assisted living, independent living and active senior living communities.

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Assisted living facilities are meant for those who need the most help with daily needs. Not everyone can find or afford a full-time caretaker to make food, help with bathing, remembering medication schedules and other important tasks. Assisted living facilities are ideal in this case where seniors can choose to live in a single apartment or one with a roommate within a close distance to a dining hall or other amenities. These facilities take care of daily tasks, so the only thing seniors need to focus on is staying positive and socializing. Some facilities have physical therapy, educational activities and other amenities to live a healthy and active life without risk.

Seniors that don’t need constant care should look at independent living facilities. These offer more independence from daily care but provide assistance where needed. It’s a hands-off approach to living to let seniors feel a sense of autonomy in their daily lives but can also feel safe in their living situation knowing someone is always ready to help in case needs change. Seniors can live in an apartment or cottage within walking distance to everything from the gym and swimming pool to food options and much more. Socializing is heavily promoted in independent living facilities with events like senior dating, book clubs, fitness classes and much more.

Similar to independent living facilities, active senior communities provide seniors with independence and opportunities to socialize. The difference is active senior community accommodations are typically low-maintenance homes and there’s no access to personal care or health amenities. Seniors do their own daily tasks and live as if completely independent. The most important aspect of this style of living is the sense of community that is promoted by staff members. Events take place often and every interest can be met with a group of similarly interested people who meet and enjoy it together. There is something for everyone at an active senior community.

No matter which option seniors choose, they are guaranteed to feel less lonely and meet new people. Nursing homes are no longer the only option for seniors who need to downsize from their home or to be cared for. Senior communities facilitate socializing and group activities to help residents feel a part of something bigger than themselves. Everyone has a unique need that can be satisfied with one of these three options as they cater to those who need daily care or who want to live a completely independent lifestyle with the benefits of a community atmosphere. While the options are endless, these are the ideal choices that will provide a high quality of living and the opportunity to age in a way that previous generations never have

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