A Big Concern in Senior Care

Senior walking with assistance

Senior walking with assistanceOne of our special aims at OurSeniors.net is looking after the safety and welfare of seniors in senior home care, senior assisted living and memory care living. “Wandering” is a big concern for caregivers involved in senior home care, as well as the professional staff in senior assisted living facilities. Wandering is an event associated with conditions that produce impairment of memory or mental capacity such as Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of dementia.
In July of 2017, a resident of a memory care living facility in the Daytona area wandered away from the facility and died before he could be located. Most wandering episodes do not result in a fatality, but the possibility is a concern to the family and to professionals providing in-home senior care. You can learn more about this danger and how to prevent it by reading our past article, “Wandering and How to Prevent It.”
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