BAM! Balance and Motion


exerciseAttention all seniors! Do not let the winter slow you down, get up, and whip that body into shape. Aging may be a natural part of life, but do not slow down and let it take over. Did you know that after 30, you begin to lose between 3% to 5% of muscle per decade, according to Harvard Health? This loss of tissue increases the risks of falls and injuries like a broken hip or collarbone. Keeping your body active and limber is critical. So, if you want to stay strong or if you set fitness goals for 2020, keep the momentum going and join senior fitness specialist Artie G. for BAM! BAM, a class for balance and motion, helps seniors develop balance, coordination, and core strength. In 45 minutes, you will increase your flexibility and range of motion through a very gentle and supportive class. Head on over to BAM, at Palm Coast’s Community Center this Thursday, February 6, 2020, from 11:30 a.m. – 12:15 p.m. The class is FREE, open to the public, and welcomes all fitness levels. If you cannot make it this Thursday, “don’t sweat it.” The class is held every Thursday at the same time! Make your way to 305 Palm Coast Pkwy NE Palm Coast FL 32137. Bring a water bottle and some resistance bands; your body will thank you.
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