Happy Labor Day from OurSeniors.net

Labor DaySeptember 4th is the first Monday in September, and that means Labor Day in the United States and Canada. In the United States, it became an official federal holiday in 1894, but before that 30 states celebrated Labor Day. Oregon was the first to do so, in 1887. This year will be the 130th time that this day has been recognized nationwide or at least in some of the states.
OurSeniors.net takes this opportunity to salute the men and women who have worked long and hard to make our communities, our economy and our nation the great things they are today. We have all benefited from the inventions, the innovations and, most of all, the work that has made America the most wealthy and productive nation in history. You have done a great job, and if you are a senior, it is time to reap the benefits.
That’s a big part of the OurSeniors.net mission. We want to make every person’s transition into senior life as safe, secure and satisfying as possible. If your ‘Labor Days’ are past and you are looking at retirement communities in Florida, 55+ communities in Florida, active senior communities or even assisted living in Florida, OurSeniors.net is eager to help. Have a great holiday, and when Tuesday comes, contact Ourseniors.net by clicking the link or by calling 866-333-2657 to talk to an OurSeniors.NET advisor.

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