Have You Planned Ahead for Assisted Living?

Best for My Parents

Best for My Parents“Be Prepared” is wise advice. Throughout our lives, we try to be prepared for occasions like moves, weddings, bad weather and storms, and events of any type we can foresee.  Why is it that so many people never think about senior assisted living or in home care until the very minute it is needed?
It just seems to be human nature to put off thinking about in home care or senior assisted living facilities. Many people seem to think that there will always be time to prepare for these events, but often it does not happen that way. Even seniors who have been successfully “aging in place” for years can suffer a sudden deterioration in their health or their ability to cope with routine tasks. The need to look for senior assisted living arises suddenly, without any warning, and the people affected are not at all prepared to deal with the situation.
Emergency situations in which senior assisted living is needed quickly work a hardship on families as well as the senior in need of care. Children or other loved ones may have to leave other responsibilities to take up this unplanned duty, a task that may become long term. According to the Caregiver Action Network, a nonprofit that supports family caregivers, more than 65 million Americans are caring for a chronically ill or older family member in any given year.
These family caregivers are truly heroes, giving their time and energy. In some cases, they are able to sustain this situation for a long time, but often it will eventually become necessary to look for some type of senior assisted living. When this happens, it is vital that the best possible choices are made, and most people are not at all prepared or qualified to make these decisions. Doing a simple search in a web browser will show dozens of choices, but visiting each of these senior assisted living facilities would take months for an already stressed caregiver.
If the senior and their family have thought this out, it will make the situation easier but still not perfect. Has the loved one been evaluated recently (or ever) to match their needs to the available facilities? Does the family member have any experience in dealing with assisted living facilities, do they know what to look for when checking out a senior facility, have they ever negotiated for basic services or ‘extras’ like physical therapy or medication management. Does the facility have social and recreational facilities? What about location, the staff nursing and meal service? There is just so much to think about and often very little time to do so.
Right now may be the best time to begin preparing for this life transition. One of the OurSeniors.net Approved Vendor team is especially well qualified to help seniors and their families make the best decisions at this critical time. This organization has over thirty years of experience in dealing with the issues surrounding senior care and senior assisted living. They know the ‘ins and outs’ of the system and can help you to navigate the Florida Medicaid system and its waiver requirements, as well as discovering any VA benefits to which you may be entitled.
Learn about their expert and experienced staff by visiting their page inside the OurSeniors.net website. Just click on Best for My Parents or phone them now at 386-204-4500.
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