Helpful Organizations You Should Know About - Seniors reading Braille

Two organizations that are doing remarkable work and are important to know about are ClearCaptions, LLC and the Florida Bureau of Braille and Talking Book Library Services. ClearCaptions provides captioning services for the hearing impaired, while the Florida Bureau of Braille offers resources for not only the blind but those that may be visually impaired and may not be able to see standard print. 
They also help individuals with physical disabilities or those that have a certifiable reading disability. While both of these companies are certainly doing their part within their community, there is a lot more to the work that they do. Let’s take a look. Keep reading to learn more about these two notable businesses in your community and how they’re making a difference.

ClearCaptions, LLC 

Who They Are

As we mentioned, this organization is a captioning service provider for those that are hard of hearing at no cost. Title IV of The Americans with Disabilities Act makes their entire operation possible. This organization focuses on enabling anyone with hearing loss to be able to communicate easier. This is all done with the most advanced call captioning system that’s available; WordsMatter. You might also like to know that they are a Federal Communications Commission certified telephone captioning provider. 

What They Do

So, here’s how it works; the captioning service provides near real-time displays of a caller’s words during the actual phone conversation. The idea is similar to that of captioned television shows or commercials. Basically, the user will be able to see the words that the caller is actually speaking. This makes for more efficient communication for those that may suffer from a hearing impairment. The company allows potential users to go onto their website and find out more about whether they are eligible for the services that they offer. 

Florida Bureau of Braille and Talking Book Library Services

Who They Are

The Florida Bureau of Braille and Talking Book Library Services is actually part of a state agency that works in cooperation with the National Library Service for the Blind and Physically handicapped. This operation is under the US Library of Congress. They are located in Daytona Beach and they provide services throughout the entire state. 
Not only does this organization focus on helping those that may have a visual impairment, complete blindness, physical disabilities, or certifiable reading disabilities, they also provide an additional service at no cost. Independent living training, as well as similar services, are available to seniors who may be visually impaired. This service is provided through the division of blind services. The great thing is that not only seniors benefit from the service. Adults and children of all ages are also able to be served.

What They Do

This organization offers free services as they are a not-for-profit organization. The library distributes magazines and books that feature braille as well as audio format. This is beneficial to those that may have a visual impairment or complete blindness. These reading materials can be delivered using the U.S. postal service at no cost to the actual user. 
Their services are pretty versatile as well. They offer long-term loans for a digital player that is used for listening to audio books. The set will include amplified headphones for those that may have hearing loss and this addition is also free for any adult or child that qualifies. 
Additionally, this organization is making sure that its services are easily accessible to anyone who needs them. They offer institutional memberships for schools, rehabilitation centers, medical practices, hospitals, etc. Any organization or institution that deals with individuals who may be eligible for the library services are regularly worked with. 

When To Use These Services

Keep in mind what both of these organizations do, and the awareness that they raise for the causes that they serve. If you know anyone that has a visual, hearing, or reading impairment, direct them to one of these helpful organizations. Or, if you could potentially benefit from partnering with the teams of these organizations, reach out to them with questions. 
Both ClearCaptions and the Florida Bureau of Braille and Talking Book Library Services are doing great work within the community. However, there is still much more work to be done. If you’re looking for a way to get involved or would simply like to learn more about what these organizations do, we suggest looking into these groups, helping to promote awareness for the causes that they serve, or even promoting awareness for a specific cause that you care about. 
Keep in mind that promoting awareness is only as beneficial as we allow it to be. Spread the word about organizations that are seeking to make a difference, while having the help of their community.