Kindle Readers and the Kindle App for Seniors

Senior using a tabletMany seniors claim that they do not care for modern technology. They prefer to deal with a landline phone, not a ‘smart phone’ or buy their clothes and other needs from a local shop, not from some distant internet site. A lifetime of those habits may lead some seniors to ignore the special advantages that some modern devices can offer. For seniors, that may be especially true of reading devices like Kindle readers or the Kindle app for computers, tablets and even cell phones.
Many seniors are devoted readers; we grew up in a world where books were the main, or the only, source of learning and knowledge. Books were also ‘friends,’ little treasures we kept since childhood. At, we still value those old friends, but we cannot ignore the special advantages that tools like the Kindle and Kindle apps offer seniors. The Kindle’s ability to make print larger or smaller, darker or lighter, or even to read the text out loud can make it a really useful tool for seniors.
The first Kindle devices were not very senior-friendly, but today’s improvements make it a real winner for older readers. Features like font magnification, crisp clear letters and sharp contrast adjustment make it easier to read for people of all ages, but especially so for seniors. The adjustable brightness and back lighting mean that there is no need for a lamp and the no-glare screen makes it easy to see in all light conditions.
If you do not like the idea of a tablet-like device, you can download the free Kindle for PC or Kindle for Mac (Apple computer) app from the webpage. These applications run on desktop, laptop or tablet computers and even on cell phones. Whichever way a senior uses Kindle, having it opens up a wide variety of books, magazines, newspapers and even movies or other entertainment. Many reading classics are absolutely free (titles like “A Tale of Two Cities” or “20,000 Leagues Under the Sea”). Almost any new book published in print can also be read on a Kindle or on the computer or cell phone apps. truly cares about seniors, and we think that some form of the Kindle or one of its free applications can really improve seniors’ lives. Our friends in senior home care, senior assisted living, or even in memory care living can all find information, entertainment and education through this modern innovation. You can also use a Kindle device or application to read our senior living magazine, “ Magazine.
Speaking of Magazine, the next edition will add a new feature – reviews of books we think will be of special interest to senior audiences. Jay Ferry’s book, “Baby Boomer Women: How To Form a Lasting Relationship With Them,” is a practical guide aimed at helping Baby Boomer men learn how to form successful and lasting relationships with Baby Boomer women.
When the new printed edition of OurSeniors.Net Magazine hits the racks, the online version will also be updated and available to read online. From inside the online edition you can click on “Baby Boomer Womento go directly to the website and download the book. If you are interested in buying one of the Kindle reading devices, click on E-Readers to go to the Amazon site. strives to be an all-things-senior directory, a resource for locating the information and help that seniors and their families need and want. Entertainment and reading are part of what we call the “Sunny Side for Seniors,” but we offer much, much more. Please use our resources when you are looking for professional services like a Florida attorney, a Florida CPA, financial advice for seniors, or a senior real estate specialist.  If you are considering a move or a transition to senior living, we can help locate the best senior home care, senior assisted living or active senior communities. You can contact an Advisor by phone at 866-333-2657 (se habla Español), or by using Contact Us. Check out our website at and take an online look at our senior living magazine, Magazine.

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