What is a Senior Placement Service or Senior Living Solutions Agent?

Community Senior AdvisorsAva Glicksteen, SVP of Sales and Marketing, Community Senior Advisors

Senior Placement Services have come to market because moving to a senior living facility is so multifaceted that often the process is overwhelming for both the individual needing placement and their families.  A Senior Advisor knows all the necessary details for a smooth transition and can run interference for you or your family to eliminate the stress of moving to an assisted living facility (ALF).
These agencies aid with analysis of the varying options for senior living at no fee to you. Because they act as an arm of the various facilities marketing efforts, they can assist in finding the best place to meet one’s individual unique needs.

So, what can one expect from a Senior Placement Service and why would I want to work with them?

A good Senior Placement Service can immediately locate vacancies in the city or town you wish to live.  Because their advisors live in same community you do, they are aware of options at smaller facilities you may not know exist.  They maintain these relationships and may know of vacancies before the public.  However, finding the desired assisted living facility is only one part of the process.  There are required documents prior to a move that are necessary to be completed; such as a Power of Attorney (who oversees your estate), Medical Surrogate (who makes your medical decisions), and a Living Will (under what conditions you wish to be resuscitated and/or placed on life support).  In addition, your primary care physician has some paperwork to complete for you to qualify for residence in an assisted living facility.
As Senior Residential Specialists, we are often asked whether Medicare pays for assisted living.  The answer is NO.  Traditional Medicare covers 20 days in a skilled nursing and rehab center at 100%, and up to 60 days at 80%.  With Medicare Advantage plans coverage for skilled nursing and rehab depends on the plan.  Medicare and Medicare Advantage plans do not cover assisted living.  The only insurance that covers assisted living or memory care placement is Long-Term Care insurance and coverage is specific to the terms of the policy.  If one is a military veteran who served during war time or a spouse of a veteran, you may qualify for VA Aid and Attendance Benefits.  These benefits may take a long time to process but are retroactive to the time of application. In addition, Medicaid offers a waiver program to those who qualify, to cover care benefits in an assisted living facility. The application process can be complex; therefore, it is recommended to seek assistance with this option.
Once you or your loved one needs placement in a facility for memory care or assisted living, contacting a senior placement service that is active in your community can help you navigate the complexities of finding the appropriate place for them to call home. Our representatives are available for consultation to truly evaluate your needs and levels of activity you are interested in to assist you in locating a place you are comfortable with placing your loved one.  And we are there to hold your hand through the entire process.  We have moved people into a community in as little as two days or have worked with families not ready for the transition yet needing assistance with the documentation in preparation of such a move.  We have heard so many times, wow!  I wish I would have called you first!!!!
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