Seniors and Social Media; The Benefits - Seniors Enjoying Company

Did you know that at least 34% of seniors actively utilize social media? In fact, according to Retirement Living, there are estimates that show at least 50 million seniors adopted a social media platform in 2020 alone.
It’s no secret that social media is a powerful tool. It can be used to connect with friends and family, share news and thoughts, and much more. But what many people don’t know is that social media can also be a great resource for seniors. 
Let’s have a look at the benefits that seniors can experience when using social media and why they should learn how to use it. Interested? Keep reading to find out how being social is even easier than you thought. 

The Undeniable Benefits

Staying Connected

One of the main benefits that seniors can experience when using social media is staying connected with friends and family. This can be done by connecting with them on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter, or by simply sending them a message through any platform with instant messaging capabilities. Staying connected with loved ones is important for maintaining relationships and keeping in touch.

Staying Informed

Another benefit that seniors can experience when using social media is staying informed. Social media can be a great resource for learning about current events, finding out about new products and services, and more.
By following news outlets or other relevant pages on social media, seniors can stay up-to-date with the latest information. This is a great benefit for those that may have a very particular hobby or something that they want to follow and stay up to date with.

Unlimited Support

Additionally, social media can be a great way to find support in times of need. Many social media platforms allow users to share their experiences or stories with others who might be going through similar situations, which can help provide support and comfort during difficult times. Also, there are some platforms that have groups dedicated to certain causes. 
Seniors can easily connect with people that share the same ideas or that might be experiencing the same things. All of this can be done at the touch of a button.

Ability to Try New Things

Social media allows us the opportunity to try new things through research, and tutorials. If you want to know how to make a certain craft, there’s guaranteed to be someone on social media that focuses on teaching others how to do certain crafts. You can also use platforms to stream yourself teaching others something that you’re an expert at. 
Overall, social media can be a creative outlet. Not only that, but you can easily gain a sense of community while learning about new things all at once.
Overall, there are many benefits that seniors can experience when using social media. By staying connected with loved ones, staying informed, finding support, and learning new things, social media can play an important role in a senior’s life. Additionally, social media is a great way to alleviate the feeling of being uninformed, or lonely.

Can Social Media Stimulate the Mind?

Ever wondered if social media stimulates our minds? The answer is technically yes. This is because of how we process information when we’re chatting, watching videos, researching topics, or even looking through pictures. It not only stimulates our minds but it keeps us mentally active and involved with others, even if we aren’t in the same room with them. 
By staying connected with loved ones, tapping into our creativity, searching through feeds to see what family and friends are up to, and staying involved online; we are constantly using our brains to think and process information. 
This stimulation can help keep us sharp. This isn’t meant to be mistaken for completely helping your mental health. As too much screen time can affect your mental health negatively. Using social media in healthy and reasonable doses, however, is where the positive effects are able to take place.

Ready to Learn More?

The benefits just go to show how much seniors can get from using social media, even moderately. Utilizing social media when we want to stay up to date and even involved in our communities, or with our friends and family can make us have more of a sense of being included. This can go a long way especially during times when we may not have as much social interaction. 
If you’re wanting a modern way to stay in touch, meet new people, learn something new, or even get involved in your community, turn to social media, but only in moderation. If you found this interesting, continue to read our content for more useful information.