This is the ideal retirement lifestyle investment for travel lovers


Retirement is the perfect time to make dreams of extended travel come true, but it is not always easy on the wallet. Flights, hotels and rental cars can be a headache. More and more retired Americans are looking to owning an RV because of its hassle-free nature but have no idea where to begin with their search. The size and unit type (motor home or travel trailer) can be hard to determine. Plus, there are many considerations for potential RV owners. Who will be doing the driving? What lifestyle features are essential (i.e. multiple beds, bathrooms, washer/dryer, dishwasher, or large screen TV)? How often will it be used—only on weekends, a month or two out of the year or for long periods of driving and touring? Where will the RV be stored when it’s not in use?
Thankfully, there is someplace local that can help with all those questions and more—Giant Recreation World. They are a trusted and recommended RV dealer that is family-owned and has been in the business since 1976. Giant Recreation World offers unbeatable deals and along with knowledgeable, low-pressure RV sales personnel to help find the right RV for each customer’s individual wants and needs.
“We train our sales staff to ask all of the questions and put customers in the right rig the first time,” said Larry McNamara, CEO.
Giant Recreation World also offers a VIP Camping Club that makes it easy to acclimate to the use and care of an RV. The Club also offers assistance for travel plans and everything needed for camping. It’s also a very easy way to meet like-minded people and forge lifelong relationships.
For example, a couple concerned with RV size brought their questions to Giant Recreation World. The wife explained that she wanted her own space. “I wanted a bedroom, a place where I could cuddle with my cat while my husband watches TV in the living area,” said Tammy White, who was shopping with her husband, Wayne. “When we travel, I want to have some space between me and my husband because we are together 24/7. I love him, but at times I want to be able to close the door and get alone time.”
The experts at Giant Recreation World recommended a Class A 34-foot motor home—an RV with a cozy home-like feeling and plenty of under-coach storage for a gas grill and chairs while on the road. The couple also tows a small trailer that carries a motorcycle and a scooter for easy access to stores and park facilities when in campgrounds. They are now in their second year of motoring to Florida and Texas for spring motorcycle races, and their RV is working out great.
Singles enjoy the RV lifestyle too. Another recent Giant Recreation World customer, Betsy Lindley, is planning on a lot of long-distance traveling. She set a goal for herself to make it to Alaska and National Parks out west, so she wanted a smaller unit with good fuel mileage. Her other must-haves were a diesel engine, a generator and hopefully solar panels so she can camp for days at a time without having to worry about hookups to water, sewer and electricity. She also wanted the freedom to pull into coffee shops and park when necessary.
“I think [RVing] would definitely be communing with nature,” Betsy explained. “I like to hike and bike, so I personally want to camp without all the comforts of home…When traveling alone, I want to know that I am not going to get stuck if I can’t unhook the travel trailer. I want to be independent and self-sufficient.”
With the help of Giant Recreation World, she found a manageable Class C motor home and is preparing to hit the open road. “I have 16 states to check off my bucket list, mostly out west,” she said. “I want to go to the Adirondacks in New York and the Poconos in Pennsylvania and do lots of day-tripping riding my bikes on trails. This is my dream for my Golden Years.”
So, for all your RV travel needs, see the professionals Giant Recreation World. They have served more than 40,000 happy customers and ensure that each customer is satisfied from the moment they purchase or rent their RV and throughout ownership and usage. Giant Recreation World has three convenient locations in Winter Garden, Ormond Beach and Palm Bay and each location is fully stocked with hard to find parts and accessories to service any need. RVs from Giant Recreation World comes with a lifetime warranty and emergency service at any authorized RV repair centers in the US and Canada. What are you waiting for? Rent or own and RV now and enjoy stress-free travel!
Interested in more information? Call Giant Recreation World at 407-794-9116 or check them out here.

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