Tips For Older Adults And Younger Family Members To Have A Merrier Christmas

Santa ClausChristmas, which is said to be the most wonderful time of the year, is fast approaching. It is the season to be merry, for gift-giving and laughter. However, seniors and caregivers may find it challenging to celebrate the holidays, so here is a helpful senior living guide.
A clinical psychologist offers some ideas on how to deal with emotions and stress, and just enjoy most of the holidays. Erin Emery-Tiburcio, PhD, specializes in treating older adults.
One helpful advice for seniors is to enjoy and focus on the gift of life. There are some situations where this tip can be applied. One example is any losses in the family.
Both older adults and younger family members focus on families around the Christmas time. But since they have lived longer, older adults are more likely to have experienced losses. A recommended way to deal with this situation is to have some way to honor people who have passed away. It can help to take a moment of silence, remember them and pray for them.
Another tip is to continue a tradition in honor of people who are no longer here. This way, they can still be part of a family’s Christmas celebration even if they are no longer physically present. The goal is to not focus on the loss. Instead, it would help to focus, especially during the holidays, on an important gift called life.

Good Company For Older Adults

Christmas time may not always be a happy time for everyone. Seniors who are living away from their loved ones may feel alone during the holidays. It usually feels like a time to be surrounded by loved ones.
In most cases, an older adult who are alone and see other families together feels sadder. As a result, they would rather spend time at home. The good news is that younger family members can do some simple things to make the elderly feel they are not alone. Saving a space on the table for them this Christmas is one of those. It is also a good thing to visit the elderly in their homes and assure them that they are not and will never be alone.

Share The Load

Many Florida boomers are now part of the sandwich generation. This means they are taking care of their kids while also looking after their parents at the same time. They may feel more stressed during the Christmas time because they often feel the need to manage and take care of everyone and everything. Some feel pressured to keep all traditions and ensure all things are right.
Those balancing all these responsibilities must cut themselves some slack. Older adults do not need to offer to host and do all the cooking. They can ask others to share the load. At the same time, younger family members can offer their help before being asked. The younger ones can offer to do the groceries. A potluck for Christmas dinner is also wise so the work will be divided.

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