Veterans Day Coming This Week!

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You might have noticed that this year is continuing to speed right past our eyes. There are multiple holidays right around the corner and the one coming up the fastest signifies a time to give thanks for these things, people, and moments you’re thankful for. Veterans Day, Thanksgiving and the holidays that follow is a time to remember that no matter our age, everyone is a part of something and regardless of the plans you have for the holidays, there is always something you can be a part of. Join us on Tuesday, November 7th at Culver’s in Port Orange from 4pm to 8pm to help us with Fundraising. Also join us every Saturday morning at 8am on WNDB 93.5 FM and AM 1150 for OurSeniors Radio. If you miss it check it here:

Don’t forget on Friday, November 10th we have a National Holiday, we recognize all of Our Veterans, yes, its Veterans Day! Please go out of your way to thank our Veterans!

While there is already a lot to prepare for as 2023 comes to a close, there are multiple resources for veterans planned all throughout November. One of them is free meals for veterans and if this applies to you or someone that you know, you might enjoy a complete list of every restaurant offering free meals for veterans, when it is being offered, and all of the additional information you’d need to make sure that you don’t miss out. To all of my fellow Veterans, thank you for your service!

It’s That Time of Year again…Turkey Run in Daytona

As you might already know, with Thanksgiving comes a lot of other things like the Macy’s Day parade, the popular turkey trot, and of course the turkey run in Daytona. Starting on Thanksgiving and ending on the 26th of November, the Daytona turkey run has a lot to offer just life every year. If you want to get back to seeing show cars, taking advantage of swap meets, and gathering at a good car show, you aren’t going to want to skip the 50th Daytona Turkey Run. This year, you’ll even have the chance to win a 1932 Ford Roadster.


While it’s early, it might be a good idea to secure your spectator tickets and go through the vendor guide for the event, so you know what to expect. Whether you want to go it alone and make a day out of it or turn it into a family event, this is one event you’ll want to mark your calendar for if you haven’t already.

Who’s Ready for Thanksgiving?

Florida is more than just a vacation destination. It’s the perfect location for thanksgiving whether you want to cook a traditional holiday meal for your family or friends or you want to experience a Florida eatery to skip the hassle. A lot of the time, regardless of how amazing a location can be, people often get overwhelmed when it comes to the holidays, especially older adults.


From loneliness to not knowing exactly how to spend the holiday if you aren’t going to be with family or friends, there are a variety of things that seniors can do and should be aware of. From creating gratitude trees and joining a morning walking club to competing in virtual cook-offs against other people. Regardless of how you plan to spend the holiday, it’s right around the corner so remember not to be afraid to reach out to those around you as it gets closer.


The OurSeniors team wishes you an early ‘Happy Veterans Day and Thanksgiving’ and would like to encourage you to try something new, extend your help to someone who could use it, and voice your need for help if you need it.


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