Have you heard of “call captioning”? It may be what you need

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As we age, hearing becomes more difficult, especially over the phone. It is exhausting to ask someone to keep repeating themselves. Sometimes, having phone conversations doesn’t seem worth it and many even give up.
Thankfully, those days can be over if you qualify for ClearCaptions. ClearCaptions is a certified captioning service through the FCC with equipment funded through Title IV of the Americans with Disabilities Act. It works like closed captioning works on television programs with subtitles where the captions are provided in real-time. Qualified individuals with certification from a healthcare professional are eligible for the free service as they must have a clear issue with hearing and speaking over the telephone.
Seniors who get the service can have it on their cell phone or as a landline installation. A specialist assists with installing it and provides a tutorial on how to use it with ongoing customer support provided after installation. To get started, all that needs to be done is to create an account on the ClearCaptions website.
If you think you qualify for ClearCaptions, visit their profile here or call 386-210-9844 for more information.

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