Activities and Services Active Seniors Do to Help Others and Services Active Seniors Do to Help Others

As people age, staying active physically and mentally active is very important for seniors and retirees. According to the CDC, regular activity is tied to a person’s health and can delay many of the problems and issues that people may experience with age. 

While health experts speak to the benefits of remaining active with mental exercises (e.g., puzzles and games, etc.) as well as physical exercises (e.g., walking and resistance training, etc.), they often do not bring up that these and many other opportunities are available to get other seniors and retirees that one can help while being active and providing services to others. Here are some ideas to consider:

Garden Projects

A lot of people love the beauty of nature and take pride in their gardens. For seniors aging in place, gardening projects are great ways of staying active and getting exercise in the process. If you are physically capable to apply your strength and agility to help out with tasks as simple as raking, watering, or planting seeds, you can help keep others’ gardens in your community looking great.

Various Exercises

You can help seniors and retirees in your community by helping them get healthy endorphins flowing with some form of physical activity. You can volunteer to walk others around the community. This benefits everyone involved and is a great way to meet new people and make friends. There are other types of exercises that are beneficial like swimming, hiking, yoga, and stretching among more. Exercise is fun and can stimulate both mental and physical health.

Higher Learning

Many people love to learn throughout their lives. They may take an interest in history, science, literature, and art. If you have a passion for learning and have knowledge that you can share with others, you may look into leading ongoing lectures or continuing education classes at local community centers, senior care facilities, and community colleges. This is a great opportunity to maintain mental alertness and engagement for yourself and others.

Social Services

As people age, they may find a lot of the benefits they can receive are difficult to attain because of the amount of paperwork involved and the high level of confusion that comes with filling out forms. If you know your way around social services, consider volunteering your time to help others out. Healthcare, taxes, and insurance are other areas you can assist seniors and retirees with by navigating through the mazes that are often put in place to deter people from getting the most out of their services.

Cooking Meals

You don’t necessarily have to be a foodie to take part in culinary arts. So many people have traditional recipes and meals they love to share with others. These can include simple recipes like cookies or pancakes or more complex meals like entrees. Many seniors decide to volunteer at community centers or elderly care facilities, but many can also assist others on a more personal level by preparing meals for seniors and retirees who are living alone or aren’t able to physically care for themselves.

Music & Dancing

Research has shown that many older people that face early and advanced stages of mental impairments can benefit from music-centered activities. If an older person you know is suffering from a disease like dementia or Alzheimer’s, he or she may enjoy familiar music that can strengthen existing memories. Many seniors and retirees can also benefit from the regular movement that comes with dancing. If moving about to a groove or two is your thing, you can always volunteer at community events or assisted livings centers and choose a partner who otherwise might not be as active.


People believe that seniors and retirees are automatically required to hand in their driver’s licenses the moment they hit a certain age. NOT TRUE. For a senior living in Florida, licenses can be renewed with a vision test. If you are able and a safe driver, you can provide a valuable service by driving seniors and retirees to and from medical appointments, grocery stores, social events, and more. Community services usually offer this kind of assistance and will accept volunteers and paid drivers to help.

Home Improvement

There are many skilled professionals out there, and you might be one of them. Home improvement is a major issue that affects seniors and retirees because it deals with accessibility and safety concerns. As people age their ability to be mobile without risk gets harder. Many older adults need to adjust their homes to minimize the risk of injury and can use the help of qualified and knowledgeable tradespeople who can adjust cabinets, install handrails, widen doorways, and generally make areas more accessible. 

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