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Twenty Revelations That Will Change Your Life

Andrew Wommack Ministries

Beyond Intellectual Knowledge Have you ever experienced a miraculous encounter that ignited a fire within you? For me, it was the moment when the Lord touched my life fifty-five years ago. As I celebrate this milestone, I’ve been reflecting on the miraculous journey that brought me here. It wasn’t just that initial encounter; it was […]

Seniors, Have You Heard of ‘Happiness Happens Month’?, Have You Heard of 'Happiness Happens Month'?

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the challenges we might encounter every day or to do everything for others and nothing or very little for ourselves. Because it’s difficult to just do things for ourselves and find reasons to smile sometimes, this is why Happiness Happens Month exists. This recognition month comes around every […]

Finishing “Write a Friend” Month With Thoughts for the New Year “Write a Friend” Month With Thoughts for the New Year

As we prepare to enter into a new year, it’s important to shine a light on something that you might not have known while there’s still time. Did you know that December is a nationally recognized month specifically dedicated to writing a note to friends? When you think about it, the concept is unique and […]

Activities and Services Active Seniors Do to Help Others and Services Active Seniors Do to Help Others

As people age, staying active physically and mentally active is very important for seniors and retirees. According to the CDC, regular activity is tied to a person’s health and can delay many of the problems and issues that people may experience with age.  While health experts speak to the benefits of remaining active with mental […]