Amazing Senior – Happy Birthday Ana Maria Ramos Ninou!

Amazing Senior - Ana Maria Ramos Ninou

Happy Birthday Ana, your only 92 years young!!!


An incredible mother, grandmother and friend, Ana Maria Ramos Ninou is someone who is a wonderful example of a strong woman who has made it through adversity and kept her faith along the way. At 30 years old with a husband and two children, she had to make a very difficult choice to leave the place where she was born, Cuba. This was during a time when she was excelling in her career as a professional executive secretary for a prestigious French cargo company. Her life was going well, and she believed Cuba was where she would always live, until the story we all know too well of Fidel Castro. It took an abundance of inner strength for her to leave but she was able to adapt to the next place she called home – Venezuela. There, she worked at the executive offices of a petroleum company as well as a renowned law firm. She was equipped with skill, motivation, and persistence for anything that came her way. After ten years, Ana Maria and her family, with two more children added to the bunch, had to immigrate one more time and sought family support in the United States. Her family in Cuba was fortunate enough to leave and move to Miami while she was in Venezuela, which made the transition easier. With plenty of skill and a long resume, she was able to use her background to work at the office of a hotel on Miami Beach and later worked in the banking industry. A smart and driven woman, she worked until retirement and made many friends along the way in her career. These days, Ana Maria lives in Miami and has all four children (Ana Maria “Anucha,” Patricia, Jorge, and Loreta) living close to her. She has six grandchildren and seven greatgrandchildren who she loves and prays for every single day, one by one. Her faith in God and love for her family and inner strength were key factors during difficult times. It has helped her through many obstacles and now living through the pandemic she has found a way to stay positive and busy by keeping in touch with friends over the phone, reading, painting, and praying for her family and anyone in need. Her family believes she leads a great example for them as well as those she comes into contact with because she enjoys helping others no matter the distance. She says, “Be kind to one another. It is a pleasure to give everyone beautiful and encouraging words. Thank you“.