Assisted Living Vs Nursing Home

Assisted living facility vs nursing care

The decision seniors and their loved ones must make about whether it’s time to transition to an assisted living care facility or a nursing home facility can be difficult. At its best, many seniors find this choice uncomfortable; while at its worst, others will find it stressful. Seniors are accustomed to their independence and can overlook or ignore deteriorating mental and physical health, as well as other factors like personal hygiene, isolation, safety, and managing daily tasks.

Deciding whether it’s time to move into an assisted living care facility or a nursing home facility is much easier when seniors have a support group made up of family members, friends, and health professionals. Seniors should start having this discussion with their support group early to learn as much as possible about the quality of care between the two types of services as they relate to their individual mental and physical health needs. This will make evaluating facilities much easier and facilitate the decision-making process.

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Living in an Assisted Living Care Facility

A resident in an assisted living care facility receives a level of support that allows them to remain as independent as possible. Residents in assisted living care often have spacious, individual rooms, shared quarters and private residences with weekly housekeeping and linen service. They also have access to assistance with daily living activities that are coordinated by a full-time lifestyle director or assistant director. Licensed nurses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Some of the most common activities in an Assisted Living Care Facility include classes, field trips, lectures and workshops. Residents also have access to onsite fitness centers, wellness programs and restaurant-style dining where they can choose from select menus that change each day.

Assisted living care facilities usually offer temporary or long-term care facilities when independent senior living has become difficult. These services are typically offered by the State Department of Health and are fully licensed and regulated to ensure the rights of seniors are respected and they are given the appropriate level of care to maintain their mental and physical health.

One of our most trusted partners is Majestic Gardens in South Daytona, FL, under the supervision of Dr. Regina Asihene. It’s a 16-bed assisted living facility that provides residents with unique living experiences tailored to the specific needs of its residents. Staff is available round-the-clock and are responsible for all the residents’ daily needs like housekeeping and laundry. Medical services such as physical exams and lab tests are provided on-site which makes it a great choice for residents requiring constant medical attention. Take the time to schedule a tour by calling 386-243-9993.

Living in a Nursing Home Facility

Nursing home facilities, also referred to as skilled nursing facilities, provide a wide range of personal and health care services. Their focus is on medical care and provides more assistance for its residents than assisted living care facilities. These services usually include 24-hour supervision and nursing care, three meals a day, and assistance with everyday activities, including bathing, dressing, grooming, medication management and several rehabilitation services like breathing, occupational, physical and speech therapy.

Some seniors stay in a nursing home facility for a short time after spending time in the hospital to help them recover, after which they are discharged and allowed to go home. However, most residents in a nursing home facility live there permanently because of ongoing mental or physical conditions that require 24/7 care and supervision.

Nursing home facilities have more of a clinical environment where residents usually live in a private or semi-private room that does not include a living and kitchen. Seniors receive limited recreational activities and when they do participate in them, they are under the supervision of the nursing staff. Seniors that can no longer maintain their independence are often admitted to nursing care facilities because of the level of round-the-clock assistance of skilled nurses who can address the needs of residents quickly.

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