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Do Your Part—Participate in the 2020 Census!

US Census 2020

For the first year ever, the Census Bureau will be conducting its initial surveys online. In order to streamline the process and receive information from hard-to-count households, it decided to create an online version for those who do not have a permanent home. While we are all staying home for the next few weeks, it […]

Seniors How To: Stay Positive During Coronavirus Crisis

Senior man with headphones

Imagine turning on the TV and flipping through channels to find another report of more gloom. Well, that is precisely what is happening in the world today. The worldwide pandemic caused by the novel coronavirus has created a crisis that has crashed our stock markets and quarantined our cities. Feeling scared and vulnerable during these […]

Help Protect Our Seniors!

Silver alert

Two weeks ago, we spoke about the disappearance of a woman with dementia who was last seen walking through a plaza alone. She has not been heard from since and is believed to be abducted by a stranger. The Sheriff’s department only issued a 1.5-mile radius search because the woman was not driving a vehicle. […]

Today is World Rare Disease Day!

Global Genes

Today is World Rare Disease Day which aims to raise awareness for the 400 million people affected by one of the 7,000 rare diseases that exist today. It is very important to be aware of the many diseases that plague the world and we usually hear about the common diseases that can afflict any of […]

Resource for vetting Contractors

Roof repair

When it comes to finding a contractor to hire, it can be overwhelming to know if you have found a trustworthy person. Everything may look good on paper and the person may sound professional and genuine over the phone, but how can you really know if they are the right person to trust? The Department […]

Are They Certified?

Roof repair

Last week we spoke about the arrests of over 100 people in Tampa, FL, for performing unlicensed contractor work. These individuals were advertising professional services to unsuspecting homeowners who needed affordable repair. The sting operation performed by the state of Florida was not the first, in hopes of catching unlicensed criminals. Law enforcement pursuits against […]

100 Unlicensed Contractors Arrested!

Roof repair

Breaking news! Over 100 people were arrested in Tampa, Florida, for selling unqualified contracting services. The “Operation House Hunters” in Hillsborough County focused on catching criminals who were taking advantage of the growing housing market. The fraudulent freelancers would advertise through social media platforms like Facebook or would post ads on Craigslist, even on their […]