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This Approved Vendor Specializes in Improving Posture


If doing simple tasks like walking, household chores, sitting or standing is a cause for pain or discomfort, you may have poor posture. As we age, gravity takes a toll on how we position our bodies and our muscles and tendons end up paying the price. Our Approved Vendor, Fitworks Perfect Posture, works with clients […]

This Prescription Drug Resource Vets Online Pharmacies and Compares Prices Among Them

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Where do you get your prescription drugs from? Are you still going to the drug store or have you made the switch to online pharmacies? Online pharmacies are able to ship low-cost prescription drugs directly to your door from overseas pharmacies that make them cheaper and are not subject to price increases the way they […]

This Organization helps the Blind and Handicapped have access to Books

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When we don’t experience a disability and don’t have a loved one going through it, we rarely think about those that live with one. Blindness or being physically handicapped makes life difficult for those who experience it and daily life is altered in every way. The Florida Bureau of Braille and Talking Books Library Services […]

Watch this Video of Lawyer, Wendy Mara, Providing Advice on Medicaid and Asset Protection

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Our Approved Vendor, Wendy Mara, J.D., M.B.A, from Mara Law Firm discusses Medicaid long term planning and how it relates to protecting your assets. She goes into detail on the differences in income levels and how they affect you, the loopholes you should know, what your benefits would be and much more. Watch her in-depth […]