This Approved Vendor Specializes in Improving Posture


If doing simple tasks like walking, household chores, sitting or standing is a cause for pain or discomfort, you may have poor posture. As we age, gravity takes a toll on how we position our bodies and our muscles and tendons end up paying the price.
Our Approved Vendor, Fitworks Perfect Posture, works with clients to get to the root issue of their pain. Stretching and muscle strengthen are some key methods they use after a full evaluation. Instead of popping things back into place like a chiropractor does, the team at Fitworks Perfect Posture uses natural methods and multiple sessions to fix the problem in the long term.
Say goodbye to pain medications and expensive medical bills and say hello to a pain-free life!
They are located in Debary, Florida and taking new clients virtually. Call Fitworks for a free virtual evaluation at 407-408-7588.

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