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A Son Needed to Help His Mother, So OurSeniors Team Stepped In

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| Testimony by Richard L. | Dad is dead! Mom has Parkinson’s, stage 5. She cannot talk, walk, or anything beyond crying and screaming. She is trapped in her body, some of you may understand this. I received word through the assisted living facility that my Mom and Dad had been living in for several […]

Overwhelmed with life’s tasks? OurSeniors Team can help!

Are you looking to sell your home and relocate but don’t know where to start? Does your loved one need a caretaker because you can’t do it all for them? These are the tasks that can get in the way of enjoying life. They are big, costly decisions and searching on Google takes a long […]

Check out the OurSeniors Team!

With the help of a dedicated team of professionals, the OurSeniors Team is able to tackle any task seniors face, such as home relocation, asset protection, healthcare plan optimization and more. The OurSeniors Team knows how difficult it is to navigate the unsteady waters of growing older especially during the pandemic. Those who don’t have […]

We are Launching the OurSeniors Team!

We are very proud to announce that we are launching the OurSeniors Team! After identifying the growing need for seniors to feel confident in their new life transitions, the team at has created a division that focuses on helping magazine readers move forward. The OurSeniors Team is a group of individuals consisting of lawyers, […]