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The Florida Home Insurance Crisis: If You are Affected by It, BMG Money Can Help Florida Home Insurance Crisis: If You are Affected by It, BMG Money Can Help

While Florida is not on the “most expensive” or “least expensive”  list for home insurance rates, Floridians are going to notice a spike in their initial rates. Did you know that homeowners across the state are spending three times more on home insurance than the actual national average? That type of premium is usually coming […]

How to Make Your Home Safe as You Age Without Having to Move to Make Your Home Safe for You as You Age Without Having to Move

For older adults, at least 60% of fall injuries happen in their homes. As you get older, things change, your mobility, your balance, and sometimes your ability to simply do things on your own. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to move out of your home and into assisted living.  Of course, this will greatly […]

The Florida Home Insurance Crisis - Florida House

The term “Crisis” used above is not an exaggeration or a scare tactic. If you are one of the thousands of Floridians who have been notified of a huge increase in your home insurance premium, you already understand this. Even worse, you may have been “non-renewed,” meaning that you will be without insurance when your […]

Five tips for home organization this spring

Senior Working At Home

If you’re like most people, you appreciate an organized home. With everything else going on, we tend to let household organization get to the point where it becomes somebody else’s problem and the junk drawer becomes invisible to the naked eye.  Unfortunately, it’s not going to take care of itself. Not to mention the number of […]

Being a Long Distance Grandparent: How to Navigate It - Seniors Having Tea

There was a survey that AARP conducted in 2019 about families and distance and do you know what that survey revealed? It revealed that at least half of families in America deal with distances of 200 miles or more between grandparents and a grandchild. That means long distance is quite the norm with kids starting […]