Decorating for the Memory Impaired


christmas tree 1081981 640In the U.S., it is traditional to decorate your home for Christmas. Many Americans adorn their homes with countless lights and trees, making the holiday season shine brighter. It is a festive time for many, but it can be a stressful time for mentally impaired seniors. Individuals who suffer from cognitive disabilities can become disoriented and scared of the sudden change in scenery. The disruption of a routine can be unsettling and cause fear.
Tips for safe decorating:

  • Do not use blinking lights
  • Use flameless fireplaces or candles
  • Tape down wires and extension cords
  • Keep the home free of clutter
  • Avoid motion-detecting decor
  • Use plastic decorations

The holiday season should be fun for everyone. If you are living with a mentally impaired senior, keep these tips in mind. When decorating, plan to avoid triggering your loved one. Maintain routines during the season and keep your senior’s environment as stable as possible. Happy Holidays!
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