Escape the Loop of Self-Sabotage

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Did you ever have a dream you thought was too crazy to come true? Have you ever wanted to do something but thought you were too old to do it? Well, guess what? You are not the only one. In fact, everyone suffers from self-doubt here and there, especially seniors, it is part of the human experience! Self-doubt keeps our egos in check by counterbalancing our self-confidence. Both self-confidence and self-doubt need to be in balance for seniors to live a healthy lifestyle, but when we find ourselves leaning constantly towards self-doubt it can turn into our own sabotage.
Self-sabotaging behavior is led by fear, it is subtle and slowly sneaks upon an individual. People who are self-sabotaging usually are not even aware that they are hurting and consider themselves healthy, functional adults. These individuals will usually have a long streak of bad relationships, short job histories or few friends. Their behavior “creates problems in daily life and interferes with long-standing goals,” according to Psychology Today.
Typical signs of self-sabotaging behavior:

  • Procrastination
  • Self-medication (drugs or alcohol)
  • Comfort eating
  • Forms of self-injury

These are only some warning signs, however, when a senior has been stuck in a loop of self-doubt, it is hard to escape its destructive behavior. So, what do you do? How do you give yourself a chance to change?
Here are six ways seniors can stop self-sabotage in its tracks:

  1. Do your homework and recognize your self-sabotaging behaviors
  2. Give yourself a fresh start (take a walk, exercise, meditate, set new goals)
  3. Acknowledge and work through your feelings (talk to a friend, journal, find a licensed professional)
  4. Shrug off the negative self-talk (play music, dance, laugh it off)
  5. Do something new (step out of your comfort zone, this helps you break out of the cycle)
  6. Set timelines and have someone hold you accountable

By giving ourselves the chance to break out of a self-sabotaging loop, we gift ourselves the opportunity of freedom. This newfound freedom will help build the momentum needed to chase those long-forgotten dreams during our golden years.
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