Fighting Age Discrimination


seal1Over 50 years ago, the Age Discrimination in Employment Act banned age discrimination against workers over the age of forty. Beginning in 1986, the ADEA also prohibited mandatory retirement in most sectors. Still, in 2017 a survey conducted by the AARP found that 61% of the senior workers said that they had either been the victim of age discrimination or witnessed it in the workplace; 38% reported that age discrimination was common. The law alone has not been able to eliminate this form of bias and discrimination. Age discrimination on the job is a critical issue for seniors, because Americans are living longer and the need for dependable employment for those seniors is increasing. exists to serve the needs of seniors in all ways possible. The challenge of age discrimination is certainly one of those needs (read our blog article, “Legal Protection for Older Employees“ by choosing the link). Several members of our Senior Transition Pro Team are especially well qualified to help with age discrimination and other legal problems involved in senior living. To learn more about any of these fine attorneys, simply click one of the links below.

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