Financial Fraud Against Seniors

Approved Services & Vendors

Fraud against seniors has grown so rapidly in the past few decades its astonishing. This is due to a large number of Baby Boomers well into retirement and the belief that they have a meaningful amount of money in their accounts. All seniors are targeted by these criminals, not just the wealthy, and they usually disguise their scam as a form of help:

  • A Medicare representative
  • Websites offering lower prices for specialty medication
  • Funeral service “amenities”
  • Sweepstakes and lottery “wins.”

So what can you do to protect yourself against financial fraud? Always:

  • Monitor all your financial assets
  • Never provide any personal information over the phone
  • Be suspicious of unsolicited calls
  • Know that the IRS will never contact you through email or phone calls
  • Be very cautious when ordering medication online.

Approved Services & VendorsDo your due diligence. Double-check and reconfirm a company’s credentials to protect yourself from criminals. Stay aware and remember to always look for Seal of Approval when you look for any of these professionals on our website:

  • Senior placement advisors
  • Elder law attorneys, estate attorneys
  • Senior real estate specialists
  • Bookkeeping, accountants
  • Insurance companies

You can find a list of trusted vendors on Directory and always rest assured, that they have been vetted.

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