Finding Help for Caregiving Tasks

Senior Talking To Her Daughter

Senior Talking To Her DaughterSix years ago, the AARP published a study that found many family caregivers performed medical/nursing tasks for care recipients. These tasks included managing medications, helping with assistive mobility, preparing food for special diets, providing wound care, even using monitors. Now, a new study shows more family caregivers are assuming responsibility for particularly demanding procedures.
One nurse educator put it this way, “Many of the things I studied in nursing school are now expected of (family) caregivers without the same support system.” Loving but untrained family members are stressed as this advanced level of caregiving is becoming more common. It takes it’s toll on caregivers, especially those lacking a family or social support network.
There are several sources of help. The Family Caregiver Alliance organization has a variety of webinars and videos. Topics range from dementia-proofing your home to caregiving through the holidays. YouTube offers a number of caregiver tutorials that can be seen at caregiver training videos. You can also visit the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging. It provides information for caregivers and links to local agencies for information and assistance.
Locally, the OurSeniors Family of Approved Vendors includes the very fine Plan Life Care and Partners in Healthcare organizations. Both Partners in Healthcare (in the Orlando area) and Plan Life Care (in Daytona) are locally owned and operated, not franchises of some national corporation. They share the most important goal and mission of the OurSeniors Family – serving the needs of seniors in every way possible!
Those living in the Orlando area can find out more by visiting Partners in Healthcare in or calling them at 407-604-4510. In Daytona, look to Plan Life Care in or phone 386-267-6898.

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