Finding a Dentist You Like Shouldn’t Be Tough

Obeng Family Dental

Obeng Family DentalNo one likes the dentist. It’s costly, time consuming and sometimes painful.
The issue with not going to the dentist is that some dental issues take years to be noticed. Regular dental cleanings are crucial for having a long-lasting smile and less issues down the road. Having check ups is like servicing a car. Although there are a bunch of costs along the way, it’s less costly than waiting for a major issue to happen.
If you’re living in the Volusia County area, you should visit Obeng Family Dental. Dr. Obeng is a skilled dentist who helps people get their smile back. Not only does his practice provide regular cleanings and X-rays, but it also provides more specialized services like dental implants, teeth whitening and much more.
His practice is a one-stop-shop for most dental needs, so if you are looking for a compassionate and caring dentist, you should call 386-562-4005.

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