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Finding a Dentist You Like Shouldn’t Be Tough

Obeng Family Dental

No one likes the dentist. It’s costly, time consuming and sometimes painful. The issue with not going to the dentist is that some dental issues take years to be noticed. Regular dental cleanings are crucial for having a long-lasting smile and less issues down the road. Having check ups is like servicing a car. Although […]

Do you avoid the dentist?

Obeng Family Dental

If you haven’t been to the dentist in a while, you may not know about the potential issues your teeth may be going through. Dry mouth, tooth decay, oral cancer and gum disease are a few things you could have and may not even notice. Most people think that if their teeth aren’t hurting or […]

Come to our next Brunch & Learn on Aug. 28!

Brunch & Learn

We are excited to have Dr. Obeng from Obeng Family Dental to talk about the oral health care needs of seniors. As we age, we lose enamel and our teeth become discolored over time from food and lifestyle choices. It’s important to learn more about how to combat these issues, which Dr. Obeng will talk […]