Florida’s Real Favorite Fruit; Do You Know How It Can Help Seniors?

ourseniors.net-Florida’s Real Favorite Fruit; Do You Know How It Can Help Seniors

Florida might be known for its delicious oranges but it’s not actually considered to be the state’s favorite fruit. Actually, mangoes are the preferred fruit for popularity throughout the state and Florida is also the largest producer of the fruit in the entire country. Known for its sweetness and its freshness, Floridians enjoy what this statewide favorite has to offer but it’s not only well known for its taste and its sweet fragrance. For seniors, mangoes mean a lot more than a refreshing snack as well. It means another way to tap into health enhancers. 

Considering the fact that at least 40% of the senior population experiences digestive issues and that mangoes can help to improve digestive health is just one example. The fact that at least 1 in every 4 older adults over 65 has some form of eye disease and that mangoes could help to improve eye health is another example. Regardless of what health or wellness concerns you might have, chances are, adding mangoes to your diet just might help. 

Let’s reveal the top health advantages of this highly favored fruit and how these advantages apply to seniors living in Florida.

Reduces the Risk of Certain Cancers

Mangoes are surprisingly good for a lot more than a sweet treat. They have been shown to have an impact on different forms of cancer. This fruit can help with reducing the risk of both colon and breast cancer. It even has an impact on reducing the risk of lung and prostate cancer and leukemia. Packed with antioxidants and micronutrients that have anti-inflammatory properties, this fruit has become a great preventive option for seniors wanting to add an additional layer of protection against different forms of cancer. 

Not just that but another lesser-known advantage of this fruit is that it can help to lower your blood pressure and your cholesterol both of which when uncontrolled or completely untreated have been shown to increase the risk of developing cancer. There’s a lot more to this fruit than what meets the eye and that just makes it all the more interesting and satisfying…especially during mango season in southern Florida.

A Great Way to Get the Immune-Boosting Nutrients You Need

As our immune systems become more compromised with age, it’s important for seniors to take preventative initiative toward anything that could cause further decline in their immunity. One thing that most seniors don’t know is that vitamin A has a main function that specifically boosts the human body’s immune system. 

It helps to stimulate the production of what our body uses as its first line of defense against pathogens. With this, you want to keep in mind that without enough Vitamin A in your system, you are putting yourself at a higher risk of infections. 

Just having one cup of mango will give you at least 10% of the vitamin A that you need on a daily basis. This is a good way to stay healthy and boost your immunity while also having something tasty rather than turning to chalky shakes or other alternatives that might not be too pleasing to the taste buds.

Supports Your Eye Health

While many people result to corrective eye surgery to enhance their vision, there are a lot of natural ways to improve your eye health. Eating mango is an easy way to support healthy eyes and maintain good vision. The way this is possible is through the antioxidants that the fruit contains. The two main antioxidants in mangoes help to block the sun as well as absorb excess light that’s being directed toward the retina. 

If you’re a senior living in Florida, you want to take advantage of your nearby farmer’s markets because having vitamin A deficiency can actually present harm to your existing eye health and cause problems with your vision. Thankfully, this is something that you can catch early and begin to prevent by simply eating mangoes.

The Potential to Help With Diabetes

For one thing, mangoes can help to lower the chance of experiencing spikes in your blood sugar. This fruit is capable of this because of the antioxidants it contains and the high amount of fiber it contains. 

One fun fact that Florida seniors often appreciate is that mangoes aren’t just a good snack option for those that suffer from diabetes or that want to prevent it, Florida oranges are as well. Mangoes have been shown to help with treating pre-diabetes as well as preventing complications with diabetes. 

Provides Heart Health Support

The antioxidants that mangoes contain are good for a variety of things and protecting your body from free radicals as well as delaying them is one of them. These are unstable molecules that are responsible for causing certain diseases like cancer. What makes this fruit heart-healthy is the potassium content within the fruit as well as its high amount of fiber and the vitamins that it contains. 

These things help to reduce the risk of heart disease and it also helps that this fruit is high in healthy plant compounds and it’s even better that it’s a low-calorie snack option. If you’re a heart health-conscious senior, adding mangoes to your daily or weekly diet would be a good option.

If You’re a Senior Living in Florida, Don’t Overlook Mangoes

If you’re a senior in Florida, you may or may not have known that mangoes are the most popular fruit throughout the state over Florida oranges. Now, you have a good idea of the advantages that you can look forward to if you start to pay more attention to the fruit section when you go grocery shopping. 

Mangoes will allow you to take advantage of the more than 20 vitamins that it contains, have a delicious superfood that you can add to your diet, and to have something that you can use as a trusted source of potassium and magnesium. To take control over your health and wellness, never overlook the power of delicious fruits. 

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