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OurSeniors.Net strives to be a go-to resource for seniors, serving their needs in all possible ways. For many seniors, one of the most important of those needs is to attain affordable help in dealing with hearing loss. With that in mind, OurSeniors.Net is extremely pleased to welcome Rx Hearing Aids to its family of senior-friendly […]

How Do I Talk to a Loved One About Their Hearing Loss? - Seniors Sitting On Bench

| By Rx Hearing Aids, Inc “I’m tired of being a living hearing aid and having to repeat myself to loved ones!” This is a common phrase for those with elderly family members suffering from hearing loss. Now, how do we broach the subject with them, overcome their stubbornness and get them the hearing solution […]

I Can Hear You Now - Senior Couple Laughing

One of our vendors is doing their best to change the narrative on this. That vendor is RxHearing Aids, Inc and they’re mission is to make hearing care more accessible and affordable. They have a combined 100 years of experience in the hearing care industry. They offer FDA registered hearing aids through their in-house team […]

These are all the ways vitamin D plays a vital role in health

Let’s start with the facts:  Vitamin D, technically a hormone, is considered a crucial nutrient commonly known to help build bones and keep them strong. It’s acquired by exposure to sunlight (ultraviolet B rays), or food and/or supplemental absorption. A family history of osteoporosis was once the only prerequisite required to guard your levels; of […]

I Can Finally Afford Hearing Aids! - Seniors With Hearing Aids

    For seniors in Florida, you might find it beneficial to know that there are more than 800,000 people in Florida alone, that are deaf or that are hard of hearing. 340,000 of those people live just in the Tampa Bay area. This goes to show the continuous need for hearing solutions.   One […]

State of Florida takes care of their Patients, SB: 988 - LegalAdCombo3

SB 988: No Patient Left Alone Act The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we live and has brought about numerous questions about local, state and federal policies. Over the last 2 ½ years, we’ve been barraged with multiple news stories trying to clarify what government agencies and health groups recommend to ensure the health […]

SB 988: No Patient Left Alone Act

State of Florida Flag

  SB 988: No Patient Left Alone Act On April 6, Governor Ron DeSantis signed SB 988 No Patient Left Alone Act ( after massive bipartisan support. The bill is in response to the Federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) actions in reinstating federal visitation protections in 2020, but continuing to waive visitation […]