Have you heard of 5th Element Indian Restaurant?

5th Element Resturant - Senior Citizens Special Discount

Well, 5th Element Indian Restaurant is a restaurant that offers Indian cuisine. They have multiple locations, including Jacksonville and Palm Coast in Florida. The restaurant follows food industry hygiene standards, such as HACCP, GHP, FAO Hygiene codex, and food storage principles. They prioritize food safety by adhering to the 4Cs: Cleaning, Cooking, Chilling, and avoiding Cross-contamination.

In addition to dine-in options, 5th Element Indian Restaurant also offers online ordering, catering services, and takeout and delivery options. The restaurant focuses on using high-quality spices and ingredients from around the world to create a tantalizing menu. Customers have left positive reviews for the 5th Element Indian Bistro & Bar located in Delray Beach.

Please note that more information about the restaurant, including their menu and contact details, can be found here and also a great Discount for OurSeniors!