How to Age with Grace

seniors eating sm wm

seniors eating sm wmAmerican culture is obsessed with youth or the next big thing. The digital age has helped create shorter attention spans and the constant need for outer validation. So how does one age with grace in these modern times? Through mindfulness, grit and a positive outlook on life. Psychology Today offers a simple acronym to help guide us through this process.

  • Gratitude for your life
  • Resilience against your adversities
  • A positive attitude
  • Courage to face your fears
  • Education to help you grow

Embedding G.R.A.C.E. into your life by practicing these acronyms can positively affect your outlook on aging. By exercising these virtues, you will more easily notice the silver linings of life. Take the necessary steps today to begin your practice! Love the skin you are in because only those who are truly lucky make it to the golden age.
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