It’s National Sons and Daughters Day – Reach out to your kids/grandkids!

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Whether your family is small or large, lives close or far, today is a great day to reach out to your kids and grandkids. With each passing day, time flies by and before you know it, the grandkids are graduating college, getting married and you have great-grandkids!
Connecting with family members can be a bit of work now and then, especially when the holidays are a few months away and there’s not much of a reason to talk other than to schedule upcoming plans. Sometimes, it’s easier to use a birthday or anniversary as an excuse to strike up a conversation. We think that right now (while it’s still summer) is a great time to reach out. Ask about any recent vacations, try to share photos of fun things that have been happening and see about future vacations or plans so you can feel more a part of their lives.