It’s the First Day of Fall! Make Your Home Look Festive

Today marks the first day in fall and although we live in Florida and do not experience the season as fully as our northern neighbors, there are plenty of ways to get into the fall spirit. From table settings to outdoor decorations, you can turn your home into an inviting and cozy space.
Add pumpkin motifs
Nothing screams fall quite like pumpkins do. Whether you already have pumpkin decorations or you want to find new ones to match modern styles, make sure you have all different sizes and colors. For chic home décor, Pottery Barn has beautiful pumpkin décor with neutral colors or cost-effective options are available at Target.
Swap flowers for dried grass or leaves
Wispy grasses make a home look more like fall with their brown and more neutral colors as opposed to the pops of colors that summer flowers bring to the home. These are some great ideas to start, but you can easily go to the beach and grab some beach grasses or find leaves on the ground to put in a vase. It’s easy to do and adds a bit of a modern and chic flare to an area.
Make use of fall-scented candles
People underestimate just how well a candle can transform the feeling of a home. We may not all have a great sense of smell, but if we are greeting with subtle spices and scents of pumpkin, it can feel more like fall when it’s still hot outside. Yankee Candle has autumn-specific candles you can browse.
Add a fall wreath to your doorway
To warm up the appearance of your doorway and make it more inviting, a large fall wreath can be a beautiful addition. Home Depot has wonderful options or you can find some at other home goods stores.
We hope you enjoyed these tips and experience better weather in the coming months ahead!