Journeying Into a New Job

working senior

working seniorMost people work for 30 or more years, often looking forward to retirement during the final years of a long career. So, it may be surprising to learn that nearly one in five seniors re-enter the workforce after retirement.  Once the decision is made to go back to work, there are a few avenues that can help pave the way to the right job.
Many seniors retire from a successful career and choose to go back into the same field. It is a good idea to stay in touch with former colleagues to maintain a network of contacts in the industry. For those who wish to work part time or on a project basis, the gig economy can be a good choice. This can offer opportunities to work in the same industry, but with different companies.  The gig economy provides more flexibility for the worker than regular employment.  Companies will sometimes hire retirees with known expertise, for a specific skill on a particular project. It can be consultant work rather than formal employment with fixed hours. There are often opportunities with small companies looking for the expertise that comes from working in the same industry for many years. New companies find value in hiring an experienced senior for the practical knowledge they can offer in getting a new company up and running.
Many people end up in a career for most of their work life, that was not in their initial plan. The reasons can be a simple change of heart or a difficult class that led to a change of majors. For some people, a summer job or internship presented an opportunity for a career that had been previously overlooked. Thinking back to those abandoned plans can bring to mind a forgotten interest, skill, or hobby. Post retirement can be the perfect time to rekindle an interest that was put aside years ago. One way to get started is to volunteer for a cause related to an interest, skill, or hobby. If experience is lacking, volunteering in the field can be a route into a fulfilling position, whether it be paid or unpaid.
The other path often used to re-enter the workforce is through additional training. Some vocational certificates can be earned in as little as a few weeks or months. For senior citizens over the age of 60 who are Florida residents, state colleges offer some learning opportunities. Tuition and fees can be waived, on a space available basis. Daytona State College participates in the program, along with many other colleges throughout Florida. Although college credit cannot be granted for the classes where tuition is waived, the experience and knowledge gained can be tremendous. One of our partners at is Blossoms Workforce Academy, LLC. Located in Volusia County, the facility offers classes to help people entering the workforce. The classes are varied, from food safety and customer service, to several classes within the medical field. Blossoms Workforce Academy, LLC also offers assistance in resume and interview preparation. With so many educational opportunities available, there is something in the community to fit every person.
After determining the best path to new employment, it is time to polish the resume and prepare for interviews. Anybody who has not had recent experience in applying for jobs might be surprised at how the process has changed in recent years. Not only do most jobs now require an online application, but the basic format for a resume has changed.  Perform an internet search for sample resumes for the desired job to see some examples. Many years ago, the typical resume started with an objective statement, but that has been replaced with a summary of relevant skills. Companies often perform a search for specific words to pre-screen resumes and applicants. This practice makes it extremely important to ensure that the current lingo and buzzwords are in the resume. Over the years, the typical interview process has also changed. Some companies begin with a telephone conversation, which is often followed by a face to face interview. During the interview, expect to be asked about strengths and weaknesses. Have example anecdotes to share that demonstrate those strengths and weaknesses. Another common practice is to ask about a time when a specific situation came up, and how it was addressed. Additionally, a scenario may be given, asking about how and why it should be handled. This type of interview, with open-ended questions, often have no right or wrong answers. The interviewer is likely looking for answers that fit into the company’s corporate culture.
After choosing the best path back to the workforce, update that resume with some current language. Tell every acquaintance about the job search; the best job leads often come from somebody who already works in the industry.  Then fill out applications and wow the interviewer with all the knowledge and experience amassed over the course of a career. is here to keep Our Seniors informed and if you would like to hear about other topics etc. let us know. You can contact an Advisor by phone at 866-333-2657 (se habla Español), or by using Contact Us. Check out our website at and take an online look at our senior living magazine, Magazine.

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