MetroHealth – Our Latest Approved Vendor!

MetroHealth - Slider is pleased to announce our partnership with MetroHealth Inc., a premier provider of primary health care for seniors who are insured through Medicare. MetroHealth has offices in Apopka, Conway, Downtown Orlando, East Orlando, MetroWest, Holly Hill and Ormond Beach. Medical care for seniors, patients aged 65 and older, is one of the fastest growing needs in medicine.

Dr. Stephen Quaning, M.D. is Medical Director and Chief Physician at Metro Health. As a youngster, he was involved in the care of his grandfather, learning early that senior healthcare needs were special.  Dr. Quaning completed his residency and geriatric fellowship at New York’s prestigious Long Island Jewish Medical Center. In 2000, he became Board Certified in Geriatric Medicine.  He describes MetroHealth’s vision as “Management of health supports healthier quality days”.

MetroHealth’s physicians and other health professionals provide outstanding medical care as well as value-added services for Medicare patients. As patients age, medical issues become increasingly complicated and interrelated. Seniors often require medical care from several specialists. MetroHealth, a primary care provider, coordinates directly with those specialists to ensure that patients receive the most comprehensive and highest quality care possible.

Surprisingly, relatively few medical practices are specifically dedicated to senior medicine or geriatrics. One in five of Florida’s residents is 65 or older, yet there are not many medical practices aimed specifically at seniors. Comprehensive senior care involves not only medical issues, but also insurance management, social care, transportation problems, and other factors not considered in many practices. Physicians and staff at MetroHealth work to provide a distinctive healthcare experience, making patients feel calm, assured, and cared for. MetroHealth’s professional office staff will make patients feel welcome and will assist them with any paperwork needed. It’s all about giving patients more than your average health care provider.

To make medical care as accessible and comfortable as possible, MetroHealth has instituted several concierge medical services, available to many Medicare Advantage patients. Depending on the plan, these may include in-home doctor visits or transportation to office appointments.

A key part of senior medical care is the coordination of efforts that may come from many sources. MetroHealth’s Coordination of Care Team oversees the “big picture” of a senior’s healthcare. This team includes experienced care providers in the fields of nursing, medical technology, and physician assistant care. They can visit patients at home to monitor recovery, set up Telemedicine house calls to ensure best communication between patients and doctors, or coordinate hospital care with office-based providers.

Just as strives to be All-Things-Senior providers of general services, MetroHealth Inc. works to be a fully comprehensive provider of Medicare services to seniors. We are pleased to welcome them. MetroHealth-Orlando can be reached at 407-326-2071 and MetroHealth-Volusia can be reached at 386-467-4430.