National Not For Profit Day – August 17, 2023

National Not for Profit Day

To OurSeniors’ Vendors, Readers, Subscribers, and Donors,

The mission of is to reach out to those who have served our society and who have now been abandoned at a time when they should be celebrating the accomplishments of their lives.

When no one else will, the OurSeniors team does and that’s what pushes us to do what we do for the seniors in our communities. Unfortunately, a large number of seniors across the US are basically discarded in Assisted Living Facilities and Nursing Homes.

This is something we directly mention in our mission because we want to focus on combating this problem. There are a variety of hurdles that older adults are often presented with, and this is why we do our best to provide aid to seniors, advocate for them, and make our resources free and easily accessible to everyone that supports our initiative.

National Nonprofit Day Is Coming Up

On August 17th, nonprofit organizations will be nationally recognized for their continued efforts in supporting and serving local communities. is a nonprofit organization and we look forward to being able to celebrate what our team does with our community. This year for National Nonprofit Day, we want our vendors, donors, and all of our readers in general to come together to recognize and appreciate the work that local nonprofits do.

For us, we want to encourage you to help us in our cause for helping seniors in every way that we possibly can. Whether you volunteer your time, make a donation to our organization, or simply help us to spread more awareness about what we do and the mark we try to leave in the areas we serve, your participation will make a meaningful impact.

Get Ready for the Next Lunch and Learn

Our Lunch and Learn events are meant to create a time when our readers and the community can come together to learn something new and try something different. We like to invite a community leader to participate in these events as a speaker so that you can get the answers to the questions that you have centered around a variety of topics.

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For this upcoming event, we’d like to invite you to join the OurSeniors team, Board Certified Tax Attorney Andrew Grant, Esq, and Mr. Joe Kochersperger on August 18th for lunch. This is an event you won’t want to miss because we will be learning more about how to plan ahead and how you can take actionable steps to do so. We will also learn more about benefits for aid and attendance for veterans.

So, you know where to find us, here are the details at a glance;

Place: Volusia Memorial- Port Orange
4815 Clyde Morris Blvd
Time: 11 am to 1 pm
How To Reserve: Call 386-259-6722 or

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Our team wants to encourage you to participate in our upcoming events and to keep an eye out on our social media channels to get quick updates on what the team will be hosting.

Your Donations Keep Us Going

Everything you do to support us helps us to keep our resources free for those who need them. By donating to OurSeniors, you become an even stronger part of our initiative than you already are because you will be helping us to continuously provide advocacy resources to seniors.

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Your contribution serves as a reminder that with teamwork and community engagement, anything is possible and no one has to feel forgotten or left behind which is why we want to encourage you to help us reach our fundraising goal…to help our services remain free and to expand on what we are already doing to assist the pillars of our communities…seniors.

From Team