Selecting Primary Care

Respite Care & Assisted Living FL

Respite Care & Assisted Living FLWhile Florida is slowly reopening and we are able to go to our doctors’ offices, many us may need to visit primary care physician but don’t have one.
When it comes to choosing one, there are a few things you must consider. The most important is whether or not the doctor takes your insurance. This will determine how much you are spending on copays and out of pocket costs. Then, you’ll want to make sure those within the network meet your specific needs. If you need someone’s opinion on chronic disease, you may want an internist. If you’d like someone who knows a bit of everything, a general practitioner may be best.
Once you’d decided the type of doctor, you’ll want to look at who is closest to you as you may not want to travel too far for appointments. You’ll be seeing your general practitioner often and you want to make sure the visits are convenient.
At this point, you may have a handful of doctors that fit all the criteria. Then what do you do?
We definitely recommend looking at reviews and asking around whether it be your friends, family, neighbors or others in the community. If someone loves their doctor, they will be happy to share.
While selecting a primary care physician takes work, it’s worth it in the end. This person can be your go-to for all your ailments. They can look at your past medical records and look at things from a larger point of view to help with your specific needs.

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