Senior Smartphone Adoption

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senior lifestyleIn 2019, it is estimated that more than 2.5 billion people are using smartphones worldwide! In the U.S., 94% of adults use mobile phones and 81% of those individuals are smartphone users according to the Pew Research Center. The adoption of smartphones is currently being led by the young, yet many seniors and adults over the age of 65 are beginning to steadily adapt to this new norm. Seniors find the use of smartphones as a positive experience that helps them connect to family and friends. This positive experience is not shared by many millennials who find the use of smartphones as helpful but stressful. Younger adults use smartphones for social media, school or work, however, partially view the device as a “necessary evil” due to its distractive nature. Individuals 65+ also use their devices for social media or work and have found a happy medium that helps them monitor their usage while still reaping its benefits.
Apps that benefit seniors using a smartphone:

  • Educational podcasts and music. (Spotify, NPROne)
  • Helpful apps (Car Finder AR, Pillboxie, Clarity)
  • Informational apps (AARP, SeniorSavings, The Weather Channel)
  • Medical and health insurance apps. (Florida Blue, WebMD, Good Rx)
  • Social media and connections (Tapestry, Skype, Facebook)
  • Entertainment (Netflix, Epicurious, Kindle)

Many seniors who have not traded in their mobile devices for smartphones will slowly begin to do so as the tech age continues to advance. Every day more and more businesses are creating personalized user-friendly apps. Smartphones now help seniors maintain their independence through financial and helpful apps. They keep people aware and informed through podcasts, social media or the news. By adapting and learning to use the features of smartphone seniors can find the device quite liberating.
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