These are the best pets for seniors

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You may be thinking about getting a pet or rather, you want one but you aren’t sure what pet may be best for you. After all, there are a lot of things to take into consideration. The types of animals that you do and don’t like, how much attention you’re willing to give, where you live, and if pets are even allowed, and if so what types meet the breed policies. You also have to think about your mobility and how much space you have and even give your allergies a bit of thought if you have any.
There are a lot of factors to consider before getting a pet but don’t worry about a thing. Here we will lay out the top pets for seniors and we’ll go into useful detail for some as well. Keep reading to uncover what pet could be your new companion.


Dogs are great and they make for wonderful furry companions and emotional support animals. Most seniors may have the concern that they lack the physical capability to handle a large and active pet such as a dog but here we are going to show you the upsides of smaller dog breeds. Don’t worry, there are also some larger breed options for those of you that may not be interested in a small breed.
All of the small breeds that we will mention can do well in small spaces and they don’t need large amounts of outdoor space to get exercise. They are easy to pick up in your hand and they are easily walkable meaning, you don’t have to worry about being pulled around or pulled down by a larger breed. The companionship of a dog just like cats can reduce stress and lower your blood pressure.
Dogs are also a great way to stay active because you’ll be more inclined to play with them whether inside, or outside. Picking the right breed is all about assessing your personal needs and considering what the breed of dog that you were looking into needs from an owner.

Perfect Dog Breeds For Seniors

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

This type of dog is a great option for seniors. They are very adaptable to almost any kind of Lifestyle and they are not aggressive which is great if you have children coming around or guests in general. These dogs are also extremely loyal companions.

Shih Tzu or Yorkshire Terrier

One thing about Shih Tzus and Yorkshire Terriers is that they are wonderful small dog breeds for seniors that want a true companion. These small dogs love being by their owners’ sides so it’s safe to say that they are excellent lap dogs. These breeds are also very welcoming to strangers but of course, this will depend on the dog’s upbringing. If you don’t want to handle the needs of a puppy it’s recommended that you adopt an adult dog.

Golden Retriever

Goldens are very kind and friendly. They are often seen as great people pleasers and are very easy to train. They are great for emotional support needs which is why they are popular therapy dogs. If you have an active lifestyle a golden may be a great option for you as they love to hike, run, and even swim. Even though they seem like they have tons of energy outside they are very well-mannered and mellow when indoors.

Labrador Retriever

If you weren’t already aware Labrador retrievers are one of the most popular dogs in the U.S. They have a friendly disposition and have outgoing personalities while remaining warm and loving. They make for excellent companions because they adapt easily to training, make great service dogs and even though they are highly energetic they are very even-tempered.


Greyhounds are calm and generally easy to manage. Although they are known as strong sprinters and are the fastest dogs around they are friendly and gentle and are a great breed to have around if you want any type of prey chased away. You should take note that a greyhound should never be off-leash if they aren’t in a confined area.


Why are cats a great pet option for seniors? Well, other than the obvious reason with cats being low maintenance they are also a great option for pest control. A few things that you may not have been aware of already are that cats help to improve mental health, they can help lower your blood pressure and cholesterol and they reduce most feelings of anxiety and depression. With that being said why not head on down to a shelter and adopt your new furry friend right now? Before you head to your nearest shelter though, we should probably give you a heads up on the best breeds for seniors.

  • American or British Shorthair
  • Russian Blue
  • Ragdoll
  • Domestic Shorthair or Longhair
  • Persian
  • Pixie- Bob

Going with either of these options is sure to be a great choice for you. Cats are not only low maintenance but they have fewer medical issues than dogs oftentimes. Cats are content indoors, bathe themselves and their behavioral patterns are oftentimes predictable. Overall, owning a cat could significantly help increase your overall well-being so why not, right?


Geckos might fit the bill for seniors that are not creeped out by them. They are extremely low maintenance and might even be a better option for a pet than fish. They are small in size and don’t usually make a lot of noise. Another great thing that makes geckos a perfect pet for seniors is that as soon as you get their “chill pad” up and running with the proper lighting and accessories they will be pretty comfortable in their habitat. They also don’t need to be fed daily and their life span is significantly longer than that of a fish.

Spiders and Insects

Here’s something that you may not have thought of when considering the pet that’s perfect for you; insects and spiders. That’s right, you read that correctly we did say insects and spiders. If spiders, insects, and bugs don’t freak you out they could make great pets. Overall, insects are very quiet and they don’t need a lot of space and as you may have guessed, they don’t cost a lot to maintain. They make for great conversation starters, assuming that you won’t have a guest that would jump out of the window at the first sight of anything with more than 2-4 legs.


People often overlook having fish as a primary pet. They’re great pets to have and are pretty low maintenance. Fish often will come up to the surface of their bowl or the sides of their tanks when they have gotten used to their owner and the owner approaches or talks to them. One thing you won’t have to worry about when it comes to fish is them arguing back with you or disobeying the things that you want them to do, unlike the furry pet options that you have.
They are easier to handle and they are less expensive to feed and to take care of. Not only are fish great pets but if you are a senior looking for a new hobby you may find freshwater and saltwater aquariums to be interesting topics and they can also become fun ways to spend your time.
If you become interested in aquariums and fish life as a hobby you have tons of options that are sure to keep you engaged, busy and give your family and friends something to talk about.
You have the option to start small and then go big with your tanks, you can start to collect different types of fish, think about breeding and let’s not get started on how fun it is to decorate a tank especially larger ones that will not only be the home of your aquatic companion but a statement piece where you live.
Well, there you have it, the best pet options for seniors. Since we have now gone over the best pet options for seniors including the top small and large dog breeds and cat breeds you should have a better idea of what might be perfect for you. Remember to keep a few things in mind; how much space you have and how much space you’ll be able to give your pet, your personal needs and your potential pet’s needs, your health, and your level of mobility. If you don’t live at home make sure you find out if pets are allowed and what kinds of pets if they are.
Having a pet can open a new world for many people and can often mean the difference between depression and happiness. Companionship and affection can do wonders for anyone’s health regardless of whether or not they think they need it so if you’re thinking about getting a pet whether it’s furry, scaly, or slippery you will find the joy in doing so as soon as you lay eyes on them.

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