Seniors and Social Media

Senior using a tablet

Senior using a tabletMost people associate the “social media” with younger people. Children, teenagers and young adults were all born into an environment that was filled with social media. Desktop computers, laptops, tablets, mobile devices and “smart phones” have always been part of their lives. They used them at school, at home and at work, assuming that they were a natural part of the environment that always existed.
In the past, seniors have lagged the general population in adopting digital devices and digital media, including social media, but recent data points to a change in that trend. This past May, the Pew Research Center issued its annual report on technology use and found that older Americans are now adopting smartphones, tablet computers and social media at a much faster pace. 59% of the Baby Boomer generation now uses Facebook, and older Americans are now the fastest growing demographic among Facebook users.
Seniors use social media sites like Facebook and informational sites like for many of the same reasons that younger people do. Facebook provides a way to connect with family, old friends and even neighbors. Using Facebook, seniors can connect with far-flung relatives and friends to share photos, videos and text. It enables seniors to find their childhood friends and high school crushes. To say social media has revolutionized the way families connect is an understatement. Sometimes the use surprises you – 20% of seniors on Facebook are there at least in part for the games!
There is a more serious side to the story of seniors, Facebook and the website. Seniors are finding social media of all types a source of vital information and advice. It is a way to learn, to share, to do research and to connect with people who share common interests and goals. Please take a minute to have a look at three of the social media sites maintained by

Each of these sites is filled with useful information about topics that are vital to senior life. Along with the printed and online senior living resource magazine, Magazine, these resources enable us to help provide the senior living resources that are so badly needed in every community. The core mission of is to make the transition to, and the enjoyment of, a senior lifestyle as safe, secure, satisfying and as easy as possible.  Please use all of our resources on social media, on the website, in Magazine, and our professional staff. You can contact an Advisor by phone at 866-333-2657 (se habla Español), or by using Contact Us. Check out our website at and take an online look at our senior living magazine, Magazine.
Social media, the website, and our senior living resource magazine can be your guide to finding the senior living resources you need. Check us out to find:

  • Senior home care
  • Senior assisted living
  • 55+ communities in Florida
  • A Florida CPA or a Florida attorney
  • A senior real estate specialist
  • Financial advice for seniors

If you or a senior loved one is new to social media, a good way to get started is online learning.  One book we like is, My Social Media for Seniors. This excellent book is aimed especially at seniors, teaching them the basics of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Skype, and more.
My Social Media for Seniors helps you learn what social media is all about, and how to use it to connect with friends, families, and more. The full-color book provides a general overview of what social media is and what it does, then offers step-by-step instruction on how to use the most popular social media platforms.
Click on the link to have a look. Have a great day, and thank you for reading our blog!

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