Seniors, Have You Heard of “Alexa Together”?

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Did you know that there have been 36 million fall incidents reported for seniors across the U.S.? The unfortunate thing is that 32,000 deaths resulted from those falls. For some seniors, living with family makes sense. In other cases having a caregiver makes the most sense. Additionally, some seniors would prefer to live alone to maintain their independence but still want to have a level of safety for themselves and their families. 

That is the entire purpose the Alexa Together app was built for. Now, seniors can have a circle of care and safer independence right at their fingertips without having to leave their homes. Let’s talk more about this product.

What Is ”Alexa Together”?

If you haven’t heard of Alexa together and you are a senior living in Florida or you have a family member that could use help with care, you will want to find out what it is. Alexa Together is a great solution to giving seniors what they need and using smart devices to do it. It is a remote caregiving service that is specifically designed to help care for Seniors. The product is run on the Amazon platform and seniors get a 30-day free trial to test the product. 

After the free trial, it will cost $19 a month but the good thing is that you can cancel anytime. What is so innovative about this product is that seniors and their families have a way to use their smart home devices to their advantage. Alexa Together gives seniors and their family peace of mind and it’s a way to instill independence. This product offers multiple features and it doesn’t only give seniors a level of comfort in their homes, but it also gives the family that same comfort. When you are apart, this product was designed to make it feel like you are still together.

But How Does It Work?

The way it works is for a senior to have a smart device in their home such as an Amazon Echo device. This means that only one person needs to have the smart device. A family member needs to have the Alexa app downloaded onto their phone. The reason for this is for you to get live updates and be able to stay in touch and track urgent responses if needed when the device is used. 

You will be able to video chat from the app on your phone to the smart device in the home. Another good thing is that the devices are quite affordable if both people want to have an echo device in their home.

Noticing the Features That Support Independence and Peace of Mind

A few of the most notable features that seniors have to look forward to are;

  • Circle of Support
  • 24/7 Urgent Response
  • Customized Alerts
  • Fall Detection Response
  • Remote Assist 

The main idea is to have a hub of features that seniors can use to optimize safety measures and get more from living on their own.

What About the Benefits?

The benefits may have been obvious within the feature list of this product but one of the main benefits that stick out to seniors and especially their families is the circle of support feature. This feature specifically allows you to build a team around your loved one and give them a circle of safety so that they can live independently if they can. 

This can also serve as a benefit specifically for caregivers as things do happen and schedules do become intertwined. The Alexa Together platform will allow monitoring of seniors and remote care to be given regardless of a family member’s location. 

The remote assist feature is another one of those most popular benefits. This allows members to have a direct connection to their senior from anywhere. If it is activated, you will have the option to set reminders, create schedules, manage shopping lists, and even communicate directly with them regardless of them having a phone in their hand.

You notice that fall detection service is another benefit that is displayed. Since seniors experience so many fall injuries and the fact that those injuries can cause the development of other injuries or health issues and in some cases, death, having peace of mind if a senior experiences a fall can make all the difference. The platform is compatible with different third-party fall-detection devices. This means that if you already have a fall detection device, connecting it would be simple and efficient. This also limits additional equipment that you would have to purchase. Seniors will have an urgent response line on the device and it can be connected to family members as well.

Doing the Best for Seniors With Smart Technology

The Alexa Together product was designed with seniors in mind, to give family members peace of mind, and to enhance safety. The best way to determine if this product is the right option for you if you are a senior living in Florida is to opt-in for the free trial and to involve your family. It can also be used with caregivers you may have on staff as well. The together platform gives seniors their independence but in the safest way possible.

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