Seniors Stay Warm

Happy Senior Couple

Happy Senior CoupleWinters in Florida are mild when compared to the rest of the country. The cold weather temperatures range from 40 to 62 degrees Fahrenheit on average. However, people can begin experiencing symptoms of hypothermia at 60 degrees, especially seniors. Seniors have a difficult time regulating temperature as the body ages and face danger during the winter months. Seniors need to support their bodies and immune systems to be healthy and active during the holidays. How to stay warm and healthy during these next few months:

  • Bundle up if you are going to be outside
  • Check the weather daily
  • Turn on your heater if the temperature is expected to drop
  • Wear plenty of layers, especially on your head
  • Stay active, keep your blood pumping
  • Do not overeat and make sure what you do eat is healthy
  • Avoid alcohol since it thins the blood

The winter season is also the holiday season, which is meant to be shared with family and friends. Make sure you support your body to avoid missing out on festivities. We hope you stay warm, happy, and healthy.
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