South Florida Tech for Seniors Creates New Ways to Bridge the Gap Between Seniors and Technology - Seniors and Technology

South Florida Tech for Seniors is a non-profit organization with a drive and a mission to assist seniors in Southern Florida with virtually any technology need.
South Florida: For many seniors, technology can be a daunting and sometimes a scary thing. Between learning new software, devices, and the latest technology, many seniors will often find themselves wishing they knew how to operate different devices or complete certain tasks. 
South Florida Tech for Seniors exists to help bridge that gap. They offer high-quality tech support completely for free either through remote coverage, or in-person now that COVID-19 has started to shift the ability for a bit more in-person interaction.
The founder of SFTFS is Sam Friedman. His inspiration was his own family, especially his grandparents. Sam helped them navigate their devices and witnessed their frustrations firsthand. This led to the realization that would stem the start of what is now a well-known, trusted, and empowering opportunity to help seniors in new ways. 
He realized that many seniors were struggling with the same issues as his grandparents but did not have anyone like him to guide them. With the decision made to serve the Southern Florida area, he knew he couldn’t do it alone, and so the beginning of the SFTFS volunteer team came to be. Florida Tech for SeniorsWhen South Florida Tech for Seniors was preparing to launch, a clear mission was established–to help seniors in the community connect with technology and stay connected with their families and friends. In the process, he was also able to help student volunteers in various ways including creating opportunities for them to get community service credit and the ability to give back to those that came before them.
SFTFS has been a godsend for many seniors in the Southern Florida area. Aside from serving the community, they’ve also created a complete group of volunteers who are passionate about helping seniors alleviate the stress of navigating different technologies.
SFTFS was started right before COVID-19 when they were partnering with assisted living facilities to work directly with residents. COVID-19 later posed an issue on their in-person services. However, the organization did not allow that to halt their efforts. With their services growing in demand, SFTFS provided over-the-phone assistance and remote access coverage for other issues as well as digital deliverables such as helpful Youtube tutorials.
The organization’s response to COVID-19 continued as they worked to help seniors navigate how to schedule vaccine appointments and regain confidence in their ability to complete the process on their own without the stress of not being able to address their digital needs. 
Due to the response from the community and the continued support and participation from committed, and technologically inclined student volunteers, the organization plans to look toward expansion across more of Florida while offering more resources.
SFTFS works with the Mandel Public Library of West Palm Beach to provide free support every second and last Tuesday of each month from 4:15-6:00 PM. 
South Florida Tech for Seniors is making a difference in the lives of seniors all across Southern Florida. With their free-of-charge high-quality support and passionate volunteers, they are helping seniors to break down the barriers of technology.
For more information about SFTFS, their services, or their operations, please visit or visit their facebook page If you have an urgent technological question or want to schedule a helpful session, call the SFTFS hotline; 561-444-TECH. Additionally, you can make a tax-deductible donation at to support their amazing work in the community.
About South Florida Tech For Seniors
SFTFS is a non-profit organization with a mission to assist seniors in Southern Florida with technological issues. They work to pair struggling seniors with knowledgeable student volunteers who respond to tech issues with easy-to-follow instructions, and tutorials. The organization serves the Southern Florida area with the intention to expand as the demand for their helpful services grows.