What’s Popular in Tech That Can Benefit Seniors?

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It seems like every day there’s a new piece of technology out that is designed to make our lives easier. While there are a lot of new and popular technological advances that can be overwhelming for seniors, there are also many that can benefit them greatly. As a seniors magazine we wanted to look closely at some of the things that Our Seniors can not only benefit from but get sheer enjoyment out of. Here we’ll cover some of the most popular technologies that have been shown to help seniors stay connected, engaged, and informed. From social media to robotic pets, let’s explore what’s out there. Here are a few of the most promising:

Cloud-Enabled Fall Detection Watches

Many smartwatches have fall detection. On some devices, like the Galaxy Watch3, the enhanced accelerometer makes it possible to detect hard falls. This feature also activates an alert system in the case of a fall and the need for emergency response.

Virtual Reality

VR headsets can provide an immersive experience that can help seniors with cognitive decline or memory problems. For example, VR can be used to simulate real-world scenarios, such as walking through a familiar neighborhood, going to the beach, or visiting the pyramids. You can also use VR for interactive things such as meeting with your physician using telehealth methods, having a VR restaurant experience with a personal chef, or attending a get-together.

Medication Management

There are various apps and devices that can help seniors keep track of their medications, schedule reminders, and refill prescriptions. One of the most popular that shows to be a great innovation for seniors is Hero. Hero is a medication management service and it essentially helps to reduce the stress of managing medications. It does this by providing a service that is all inclusive. That service sorts, dispenses, refills, and even keeps track of seniors’ pills. This system is truly groundbreaking as it makes medication management more simple and overall, safe.
The great thing is that the service can be customized to fit any medication schedule and the dispenser technology can store up to a 90-day supply. That’s a 3-month supply of 10 different medications. There is only one downfall, the system doesn’t accommodate medications in the form of gummies, half pills, or pills that are sticky and dissoluble. Actually, this may not be a downfall since it was intentionally designed this way to limit contamination risks.

Social Media

While social media has been around for a long time and certainly isn’t new, it’s still a great innovative tool for seniors. More and more plugins are being created, multiple apps, games, and even VR technology can be integrated with social media as well. This means, more opportunities for seniors to connect with friends and family, become comfortable with different forms of technology, and even find a new creative outlet.
There are several social media platforms geared specifically towards seniors, such as Eons and Grandparents.com. Eons for example is specifically designed for baby boomers. With OurSeniors.net magazine being one of the best baby boomer magazines, we couldn’t leave Eons unmentioned.
While an iPad might be a great option if you want a tablet, for seniors, a GrandPad is one of the best tablets on the market. This particular tablet is very easy to use with built-in wireless data. The fun thing is, seniors can play games, video chat with family, and listen to music with no hassle.
Additionally, what set this tablet apart is that it has various additional features. Some of them are a stylus pen that improves accuracy, enlarges text for easy reading, provides unlimited access to support, and even protection from spam, and scabs. All of these features can be beneficial for seniors.
Tile Sticker
The tile often goes overlooked. However, the tile sticker prevents seniors from losing day to day items. If you ever misplaced your remotes, keys, or even your wallet, the tile sticker is specifically meant to help you locate anything you’ve misplaced. Additionally, when you buy the tile sticker you get free shipping and it has a battery life that lasts up to two years. It’s even waterproof and comes with a 30-day guarantee.
Robotic pets
We’ve saved the best for last which are robotic pets. If you didn’t think it was possible, yes robotic pets are very much a thing. These tech-filled animals are designed to help seniors combat feelings of loneliness or isolation. They make for the perfect companion for seniors that might not want to have to take care of an actual animal, or for someone that might be allergic to pet dander. The great thing is you don’t have to continuously walk, feed, or pick up after these animals because they are essentially hardware.
The thing with robotic pets is that they are quite expensive. However, there are less advanced robotic pet options that are very affordable. There are also models that are extremely advanced. Those models are often AI-based, have adaptable personalities, the ability to learn, and the ability to interact with other robotic pets. Those models will usually cost around $3000 or just shy of it. But for simpler models, you can expect to pay anywhere from $40-$124. One great thing about this is, robotic dogs in particular are often used for people that have Alzheimer’s.

Give One A Try

Now that we’ve had a chance to cover some of the best pieces of tech that can benefit seniors, you might want to try one of them out. Many of these innovations have particular purposes. They essentially are meant to make life easier, certain things safer, and to just make people happy. As a seniors magazine, we find it important to bring innovations like this to the attention of seniors. Oftentimes, what’s new or popular in technology can get overlooked by seniors but with many technological advances being designed to eliminate the learning curve for older consumers, getting comfortable with technology has never been easier.